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  1. I moved into a flat in a shared building almost two months ago. Despite receiving gas to the property we haven’t been able to work out who our gas supplier is, or if we even have one. The landlord sorted out the electricity supplier but said that he had no idea who the gas supplier was. He said should just register with whoever we wanted to. That’s what I’ve been trying to do but I’m getting nowhere… I’ve tried ringing all the major gas suppliers to see if they have the property on their records. They have all told me that the information on the database for the building is incorrect/mixed up and it sounds as if only 2 of the 5 flats in the building are registered. Then they ask me for the serial number of our meter to set up a new account. The only number on the front of the meter looks like this: 000xxxxxxS. It’s an old imperial meter. I keep being told that this is the wrong number and that I should look for one beginning with G, but that is definitely the only number on the meter. The meters for the other flats look the same. I have also been advised to ring the MPRN helpline, but the individual flats are not registered on this database and consequently it only gives one MPRN for the whole building. I’m at a loss as to what to do next! I’m a bit worried that the gas supply will just stop at some point or that we’ll suddenly receive a huge bill.
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