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  1. Thank you BRIGADIER2JCS, that's a great letter, I'm printing it as we speak. If I receive anything back from MH I'll be sure to update this thread. May I also just say, you're all amazing! I shall be donating to this site so as to help keep it running! Many Thanks again Ms Fogel.
  2. Thanks Stigman, I'll send it this afternoon and I'll be sure to add the extra text. Many, many thanks indeed!
  3. Stigman, 42man, I can't thank you enough! I did think about just sending the letter, but your comments have given me a great deal more confidence in doing so. One last thing, do you think it's worth sending it to MH and Cabot? Thanks again Ms Fogel
  4. Hi Stigman, Many thanks for the lightening quick reply! The last payment I made was either in July or August 2006, guaranteed no later than August 2006 and I've not contacted them or acknowledged any communication from them since. I was thinking of ignoring them until after they fell off my credit report (This is the last thing then it's clear!) but this letter from MH has me worried. Many Thanks Ms Fogel
  5. Hi forum people, I've been reading a lot of the posts here and I'm fairly sure I know what I need to do but would appreciate your advice too. I've been receiving letters/e-mails/texts and phone calls from Mackenzie Hall over the past couple of months all saying the same thing, i.e. we ned to contact the named person in relation to a personal matter etc but nothing more. I've recently come back from holiday and have received a letter from them finally detailing what they're chasing me for, the letter is below: Date of Letter: 28th August 2012 Ref: M******** Clien
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