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  1. Do I have to send them a postal order for any ammount to get hold of copies fo the notice of assignment or statements? Thanks
  2. Hi thanks for all the messages I have lost the original letter in my house move - hence trying to contact them. The original debt was for a mobile contract. My ex ran up a huge bill and I couldn't pay it then we split up and I moved. HFO caught up with me. I had been trying to find where the bill had been sold to. They wrote to me and phoned me and caught me at home one day saying that I would be taken to court if I didn't pay it. I knew it wasn't statute barred becasue it was only from 3 years previous. I knew I owed money, and wanted it sorted, hence entering into a repayment situation.
  3. No I have never received a statement. I believe that Roxburghe took on their 'clients' not so long ago, but am reluctantto call them as, rightly or wrongly (!!)I don't want to end up having to pay something that I don't have to.....?! But then I feel I need to call someone to fins out if my money has been going nowhere! I just don't want to end up with a CCJ or anything as it took me a long time to repair my credit due to debts left from my ex boyfriend, which I now have repaired!
  4. It was an old phone contract (about 3 years before I started making payments) that my boyfriend at the time ran up a huge bill on and couldn't pay it at that point. then the relationship fell apart and i moved etc etc and just forgot about it. I know it was my debt and as I was (rightly) sorting out any debts/ bills i had accumulated while at uni i just wanted to pay it off. There is nothing on my experian or equifax credit report from them. i have monthly access to both. should I just stop the direct debit?? i cannot contact them, so i am not sure if I am doing the
  5. Hi I have been paying a debt since April 28th 2011 through HFO services ltd at £40 per month. This was my debt and I agreed to pay. This has been coming out of my account regularly since. I have moved house not do long ago and on sorting through paperwork have realised that I cannot locate the original letter from HFO with their details and my total balance owing etc. Therefore, I cannot contact them to update my details or find out what my outstanding balance is etc. On looking through various websites it appears that they no longer exist??? Is this the case? If it is, where h
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