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  1. Hi, Something that has been bugging me since claiming back my PPI. At first my bank completely refused my claim-back for PPI on a loan I had with them a few years ago. I then got in touch with the FOS took on my case but advised that it may take up to a year to complete. Now, my G/F has enquired about claiming PPI with one of these 'PPI reclaiming' companies (who take a small fee if your claim is successful). They advised her it may take up to three weeks to complete(!) Why would it take the FOS a YEAR to get some sort of conclusion on my case when one of these 'fly-by-nigh
  2. Hi, I've recently had my reclaim request for PPI rejected by my bank and so I have taken my claim to the FOS who are currently looking into this for me. Yesterday I have received a letter from a company called Forbes and Douglas who advised that I take my claim up with them. I did a little research on this company and have heard MANY bad things about them so I won't be replying to the invitation. My questions are: how did this company know I was querying a claim for PPI from my bank and how did they know when I took my loan out and how much it was for? (dates and amo
  3. Hi, My claim for PPI was recently rejected by the bank and so I have since sent all of the documentation to the FOS for them to investigate. How long would it usually take for the FOS to investigate my claim? are we talking another eight weeks? (or longer) Have banks now changed their tactics with regards PPI claims? I have heard rumour that the banks are making it more difficult for customers to re-claim PPI or take their cases further (FOS). When I received my rejection letter from the bank, it also came with a whole load of documentation (photocopied documents from when I ori
  4. Hi ims21, I was strongly advised to go for the protection and I really thought that it was something that came with the remortgage. It was sold to me like it was a condition of the loan. In reality, I know it's my word against theirs and that's why it seems pointless to fight for something that I have no chance of getting. Cheers, Chris.
  5. Hi, Update. Having only received their written acknowledgement on Saturday of the documents I sent to them 7weeks ago(!) I today received the banks decision. No. They have decided not to uphold my concerns about the way PPI was sold to me. They sent me a whole load of photocopied documents from the time I took out the policy (what I signed and ticked for at the time) along with a dossier containing - my concerns, their investigation, the mortgage offer, specific complaint points, their decision and what I can do next. Essentially, what they are saying is that I made
  6. Hi Lisa, Thanks for your reply. I have amended my letter of complaint to include information on the letter of the acknowledgement that I only received yesterday (that is dated 09/08/2012). As they have a week until their allotted 8 week resolution period is up, I might wait until the end of this week until I send my complaint letter to them and to FOS. I'll keep you posted... Thanks for your help again Chris.
  7. Hi 007coot, Sorry, yes, yes it is RBS:-) (how did you know? are they renowned for this type of slow, lacklustre service?) Regards, Chris.
  8. Hi ims21 Thanks for your reply. Just a bit of an update: Today I receive a written acknowledgement of my claim for my PPI but get this, the date on the letter is August 9th! Sheesh! I may still send them a letter outlining the fact that their time is just about up! Cheers again, Chris.
  9. Hi, It's been about 8 weeks since I completed my PPI forms and sent these away (recorded delivery). A few days later I did receive a text to say that my forms had been received and that I would get a written receipt of acknowledgement (I never got any written receipt). As I have not heard anything from the bank with regards my PPI reclaim enquiry what course of action do I take now? It seems very strange that hey would send me a text to say they had the form but then take no action over it. As always, any help is greatly appreciated. Regards, Chris.
  10. Hi, It has now been 6 weeks since I received a text from RBS (7 weeks since I actually sent my documentation) to say they have received my claim for PPI. The text said that I would hear again from them within 5 working days with written acknowledgement of the receipt. I have not had any confirmation from the bank since I received that text. Why did I receive a text from RBS when it is actually Natwest that I am claiming back PPI from? Should I contact the bank to advise that I have not received written confirmation from them? As they have 8 weeks to reply, sh
  11. Hi, Many thanks for your reply. OK, yes, I'll wait the eight weeks for an answer back from them but do you think that as I haven't received any written confirmation from them that's it's a sign that they are not willing to take my complaint any further? Thanks again, Ginger.
  12. Hi, I'm new on here, hope you can help Some weeks ago I posted my PPI reclaim documents to my bank (NatWest) and a few days later I received a text message from RBS saying, "Thank you for letting us know about your concerns regarding your PPI policy. We will acknowledge receiept in writing within the next 5 working days." This was about 5 weeks ago, since then I've heard nothing. Not received any written acknowledgement, email or any other texts. Is this normal? What should I do now? It seems from the text I received that they have got my documents but since then nothing
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