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  1. Oh gosh, not racism or sexism. It was things like daft pictures, jokes. One in particular was a photomontage of a colleague which he then put on Facebook afterwards. Out of everybody who worked there I'd say I was the person who did all of this the least, hence why I felt singled out. Even the boss privy to this sort of thing. Nobody else got investigated either. Although I think the threat was there, hence why everybody upped and left. I feel like I've been made a scapegoat.
  2. Hi, I worked for a company for nearly five years, I used to love it. Then the last few months, the company started to struggle and the boss was hardly around. Out of the blue I got handed a long list of 'evidence' constituting in the whole to gross misconduct. Earlier we had been given a contract to sign which had changed and I hadn't signed it and written a letter stating I wasn't happy to. I think it was this that angered the boss who then knocked my hours down and spent the time I wasn't in trawling my computer and printed off so called evidence. Silly things like joke emails and bante
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