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  1. Thank you so much that is so helpful really appreciate it!! I want him sacked! Is that the best way to go? Yes I did feel threatned it really shook me up to be honest. At first i really as 50/50 as to wether they were just a gang of men! And no I didn't sign anything or admit to anything (I hadn't done anything so just told them that I'd picked up an item, didnt want to queue so out it back, left and went next door to get it from there-which the lady in store next door could vouch as I was on the phone to my boyfriend before they caught up with me again and said here's your receipt incase anyone asks) I did also wonder why they didnt call police after all of that
  2. Thank you for your advice, posted this on another forum and just seemed to get unhelpful comments which I really don't need as Im not just 'complaining' this has genuinely really upset me today so thanks for being nice and for your help
  3. Hi I am hoping some one can advise me if there is anything I can do about this. I went in to wilkinsons today to get my dog a new toy, i picked it up, walked towards the queue which was huge so decided against it just for a dog toy, i put it back on a shelf and walked out. I then a had a rather burley bloke come and tap me on the shoulder who was un uniformed, had no id or had anything showing he worked there tap me on the shoulder and asked me if i had taken anything and not paid for it, (no alarm etc had gone off) i said no and then asked if he even worked there (i genuinely thought it was just some strange man as he had no identification and was stood half messing with his phone) he said he did to which I replied he didnt look like he did, he repeated he did and asked me to go back in to the store... I looked at him wasn't sure what to believe so just said no and walked off. I went to the shop next door to buy what i went in to wilkinsons for and when i came out there was the same man with 3 or 4 other uniformed men who then pointed at me. At this point I started panicking as I wasn't sure what was going on and I was still sure they were just strange men as they all came and stood in front of me. I got a bit iratate at this point as you would as I have never stolen anything in my life and when i asked why he thought this i just kept being asked to go back in the store (by this point there was one other man there who did have a uniform on and so i knew it was legit) I turned to the main guard who was clearly on a power trip and said that I would but I was going to make him look like an idiot as I hadnt got anything and afterwards I would complain and I wouldn't let this go, to which he kept repeating 'that's not gonna happen, no you wont' and everytime i said 'oh i will' he got a bit closer and slowed down his words...pure intimidation. I went back in the store in to their back room past all the staring people (by which point i started to get upset as it was embarrassing and i was on my own) There was a lady sitting in the corner who looked like she thought it was all ridic and looked a bit embarassed, the man in uniform and one of the men un-uniformed. The un uniformed man asked me what had happened while i was in the shop, i told him. I also started saying about the fact Im a 26 year old girl on my own and the security guard had no uniform or id etc so what was i supposed to think? the uniformed man then went on to say it's something they are looking at. He kept trying to turn it all back on me saying i made a scene outside to which i said i got a bit angry as i was scared and upset and annoyed as I hadn't done anything and had had these men surrpunding me who i wasn't sure had anything to do with the store!!!.. .It went on and I said for them to look through my bag.. .he said he didn't need to do that as he was happy with what had been said. ..at which point i said i was far from and they hadnt heard the last of it and i left, again with everyone staring It really shook me up and when i got outside a lady called me over bc i started crying and said she was going to call and complain as it was bang out of order. it has really upset me and i def wont be going back in to shop mainly for the reason i am so embarrased! I am sat here feeling all bothered, the reason I went in to the shopping centre was to get anxiety medication prescription and instead got this and then forgot to get my prescription as i just wanted to go home Can anyone advise please? Thank you
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