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  1. Hi guys I'm not sure if I have posted this to the correct place but i'm wondering if anyone can offer any advice. There is a row of houses on a road plus a detatched house which have been boarded up for many many years and are quite dilapidated now. The council owns them, and I have asked if the council could sell me the detached house and I would renovate it as I cant afford to buy a house at the prices they are and will never get a £200k mortgage. I have worked since I was 15 and never been on benefits but because of this im not entitled to any help, even when I was made homeless because of family issues, I worked I was not a priority so had to rent privately as the council would not help. Anyway back to the point the council have said that they are looking to demolish the houses so that they can build new ones, which I think is completely pointless and a waste of money they only need a few thousand pounds spending on them to renovate and I want the detached one so it wont be affected, they haven't actually got planning permission to demolish the detached property yet. How can I get them to sell me this they are wasting such a great resource and I could turn this in to such a beautiful home for my family.
  2. Hi guys just wondring if you can help again, had a case management meeting and the judge said that theres no real legal basis for my claim unless I change it to a claim for stress and anxiety and to get a solicitor, he was really nice about it and extended a stay for 6 weeks to negotiate a settlement but he said as it stands my case may get struck out, he cant go down the small claims route because the defendant has made their claim over 5k and wont aggree, hopefully we can settle before but BG dont negotiate well. Just so I know what happends if my claim is struck out? what will happend to the counter claim?
  3. Thanks Guys my claim is for under £4000, I'm worried now I dont want to end up in an even worse situation owing more than what the counter claim is, If I contact their solicitor and ask them to mediate and to come to an agreement that they change the account over to residential straight away, and the balance that they are counter claiming for already has a standing order going out each month do you think that would be reasonable, the just dont correct the account i have asked them so many times, also if I ask them for a break down of how the got to their counter claim?
  4. Hi the email keeps getting reurned as failed?
  5. Hi sorry Im new to these forums I have the defense scanned in my email and I have the claim partuculares (i think thats what theyre called) that I can copy and past how do I put the defense up?
  6. Hi All I'n new to the site and am hoping someone can help. I am taking British Gas to court because for 4 years they have been billing be as a business whe I am a residential customer. I have wrote to them , called them and emailed them for over 4 years telling them that I am a residential customer. They have sent me ridculous bills (which I have not paid beciase I am not a business) and they have still not transferred my account to a residential one. An invoice for over £7k was the last straw so after them investigating the matter for 6 months and getting nowhere I decided I had enough and filed a claim against them to which they have responded with a defense and a counter claim for thousands of pounds through there solicitors Eversheds? Does anyone know anything about this firm or has anyone taken BG to court? The couter claim has worried me a bit so any advice would be helpful.
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