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  1. My friend lives in a small block of flats (all owner-occupied). They each have their own contents insurance, but the building insurance is paid jointly via the service charge. His washing machine has flooded the flat below. Is this something that is covered by their joint building insurance or the contents insurance of the flooded flat? The insurance company wants proof that the machine has been fixed. If the problem occurs again, who is responsible?
  2. I hear you, I don't want to draw attention to it either, which is why I haven't asked for a breakdown of charges, but I also don't trust Equita Bailiffs, and don't want them levying or clamping my relative's car over a £24.50 or £42.50 charge that will blow up to £300. I think I'll just request the letter to say the account is no longer with the bailiffs and hope that they mention that there are no bailiff charges. I'm still telling relatives not to park in my drive though.
  3. Spoke to council today, they said the account was no longer with the bailiff, but was still in credit. Asked for something in writing to confirm account no longer with bailiff, said I'd have to write in to request that. Still concerned that the bailiff will demand his costs, as it would appear that when payments are made, the council are unable to distinguish whether the payments come from the bailiff or direct (telephone) from me. Should I send them a timeline of events, ie: xx/09/12 - 1st (and only) bailiff visit - called council for balance, full balance paid (automated
  4. I paid the council directly, deliberately leaving the account in credit by £45, as I assumed the bailiff would eventually take his visit money directly from the council, but the council have said I'm the one who has to pay the bailiff his costs. I've spent the last 2 weeks keeping windows shut and checking the front of my house to see if anyone's lurking before I leave/enter. This waiting game is stressing me out.
  5. Contacted the council today, they told me they would send a memo to head office to let them know the debt has been cleared, but mentioned the bailiff may come after me for his costs. Should I telephone the bailiffs and ask what the costs are, or should I write them. I'm worried that writing and asking for a breakdown will encourage them to make up visits (they've only visited once), but telephoning is dangerous as I don't have a means of recording the call. Do Equita have an email address, and should I cc the council?
  6. No, because they haven't asked for any yet. I know there's a charge coming because I've had one note through the door, but I don't want to contact him, because that's just inviting him to make up a load of visits in a breakdown, which seems to happen to a lot of people. Council said I was still in credit, so it doesn't look like he 's even looked at the account. Logic dictates he should be attempting to take his visit money from the credit I left, but there's nothing logical about the way they go about their duties.
  7. Everyone advises that you should pay the council directly in these circumstances (which I did). But if you do this, does the bailiff know you've paid off the debt or does he assume that because there's been no contact, the debt is still outstanding. Is there a database he accesses to see what the balance is before he (eg) makes a visit, or does he get an initial figure, and that's what he works off. May seem like silly questions, but I don't understand why they don't apply their charges to the account when they see that the person is paying / has paid the council directly.
  8. Rang the council and asked if the liability order had been discharged. They said the only thing they could send me was a statement of account. Said they couldn't send me anything saying 'satisfied' as that only applied to CCJs. They also thought the money I paid had come from the bailiff even though I paid the council directly. Would be interested to see if the OP has better luck.
  9. When you say discharged, what do you mean? Not wanting to hijack this thread, but this is something I am worried about too (bailiff coming after me for fees after debt has already paid). If I / OP ring the council tomorrow, and say "have you discharged my liability" and the person on the phone says "what?" what exactly should we say to them to get them to confirm what you're saying. Can we ask the council to send us something in writing?
  10. I paid the council automated line - no contact with bailiff. Just concerned that bailiff will claim it's not his 1st (or 2nd) visit, and that he's levied a car (one of my neighbours) incurring further charges.
  11. Got a note through the door from Equita Bailiffs for a council tax liability order. Letter reads as follows: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name & address - printed on the letter Date - handwritten Time - handwritten Delivered By Hand BAILIFF REMOVAL Payment due in full - 24 hours I have attended today with the intention of removing your goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the outstanding Council Tax Liabi
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