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  1. Wow just read old threads, come along way since then house and credit file clear !!! thanks to this site taking away the fear and lie's people in debt are told by horrible companies trying to make money out of people that are at their lowest, who dont have it ! Cant thank you enough !
  2. Hello, could do with some advise Ive received a scary letter from Drydenfairfax Solicitors for a Santander loan I defaulted on in 2010 I passed the loan/debt onto Step Debt Change in March 2010, in 2016 I did not have enough to even pay Step Change I wrote to Santander explaining this and asked them to write off the debt this was my last correspondence with Santander January 2016. I have had various letters from Moorcroft then Wescot etc which I have ignored, yesterday I received one from Drydensfairfax stating "they are solicitors in
  3. Hi dx, Sorry for confusion been away for years paying off debts, this charge has nothing to do with Santander. This is a charge from a car leasing company called Adam & Sons my husband entered into a leasing agreement with them did not keep up the payments he handed back the car they sold it and came after him for the balance of the lease he could not pay they took it to court and now have a charge on the jointly owned property. This all happened in 2003, I did not go to court because my husband did not give me any post or correspondence on this until it wa
  4. Hi dx. Cash cowed !! Oh god thought I was doing the right thing you see knowledge is King ! The one thing I'm not is cash rich, I just hate the anxiety of theses debts and want rid of them, the company is called Adams & Sons they deal in car finance they have this charge on my jointly owned and still mortgage property the debt and the charge is in my husbands name only, I want to be totally clued up how much power this company has over my home it's sounds like with the right solicitor they could not prevent me selling but in the event of something hap
  5. Hello yes I have two children one still at school but not for long he leaves next year , don't mean to sound morbid my husband not planning on popping off yet but this company don't won't take an offer they want the full amount which is £5000 I offered £2000 they have even wrote to me two years ago saying they are sending an estate Agent to drive pass my house and value it so that they would then apply for a force of sale at the time I had three small children living at home and it just worried me as I do not know anything about charges or cautions. I wrote to the
  6. Hi thank you for your reply how do I find out if it is a type k ? And what happens in the event of death not sale would the property be able to be transferred into my name soley? I'm just trying to prioritise debts we have no intention to sell so I would rather bring the mortgage down than pay this company if they do not have any real power over me
  7. Hi please can anyone give me some information with regards to an old charge on my home, the property is jointly owned and the charge is in my husbands name only what happens in the event that my husband die's can the property not be transferred into my name until the charge is satisfied or can legally the company that has the charge not prevent this as the property is still mortgaged and I would be liable for the mortgage therefore can they not stop my mortgage company transferring the property into my name only. Would appreciate any advice or info Thanks
  8. Thank You for that you have put my mind at rest.
  9. Hello please can someone give me some advise I have a £7000 debt with Santander which is currently under a payment arrangement with the CCS now step debt change I am paying them £5 a month, after a year of persistent letter writing they have excepted an offer of £2000, in everyone of my letters to them I have made it really clear that this is in full and final settlement of the debt and that they or any other company related to Santander will not pursue me for the balance and that I will be released of all liability, I have received a letter back from them stat
  10. Hi, Seq Thank You for that I have sent another letter to Santander asking them to reconsider the Full and Final Settlement offer maybe when they are only getting £1 a month £2000 might look more attractive to them ! do you have info on how long a charge can stay on your property if no contact has been made ? is there anything like statar barred after so long or is it the case that once a charge has been obtained they can sit there for life. Scrudge
  11. oops just checked a print out I got from my mortgage company Lombard Business Equipment put one on in 1999 then another in 2000, Adams & Sons got put on in 2003. The house is in joint names though all these charges are in husbands name only cant be sure what correspondence he got prior to them going on as he got so bogged down he stopped opening post things got into such a mess I took over dealing with all the debts so to keep the wolve's from the door put all unsecured ones with CCCS only now have I started going through everything
  12. Hi, all the charges are in my husbands name I did not know about them until they had already gone to court and been put on the property, they have been on the house since 1997 heard nothing from two of them no request for payment or anything since 2000 but one is with Adams & Sons and they contacted my husband last year have a lovely letter from them saying that they are going to get a local estate agent to drive passed my house to do a valuation then try to force me to sell it their charge is for £5000 offered them £2000 but they said no and havnt he
  13. Yes 3 so if I try and borrow anything against my house they are notified and want paying off first, but I would never get any more finance as want to clear up the mess I have not get into more I have wrote to all creditors they have all stopped interest there is no ppi on any of my debts have applied for cca on one and sar on another as not sure how two of them got to the amount they are stating I owe one has been passed to Lowell but the Satander one is the only one I have made an offer on. Scrugde
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