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  1. im curious as to what is the correct way of informing you of a meeting. i know it isnt being chased down in the street by the admin, without 24 hours notice. do you have to be informed by letter, with maybe 7 days notice? is this the correct way? or is it irrelevant?
  2. reference to electronic usage policy. it is possible that your boss has brought one in recently just to cover his back. if you have one, i would get it checked out, because the use of social networking sites and the internet use at work being freely available and fairly new, the policy is quite a new thing, its not that old, if you had a handbook when you first started, 5 years ago, it is doubtful that this policy is in there. i was told that handbooks are given every year (??) i have yet to get another one, ive been with my employer 3 years and there is nothing in the handbook regarding
  3. the boss knows, but i asked him not to do anything because not long after the problem started with facebook, i was alienated by quite a few people i work with, if i had taken it further i would have been alienated even more. each time i go into the office i am told i am a grass, even though i have not said anything about anyone, they are just paranoid. i went for an interview for promotion about 6 months after i started and i was smartly dressed, i was accused of being a spy from the depot, here to weed out the bad guys...i so wish that were true!! lol every day it is like going out into
  4. thank you, both of you. i think my time with my employer is done, if i put in a grievance of harassment then there would be no chance of me continuing to work there. and if i dont, then the harassment is not going to stop and the boss has his excuse to get rid of me anyway. i really wouldnt mind if i were a big trouble causer or jobsworth, but im not, what i would give to just carry on and do my job and be left to it. the email to the boss that i wrote, also could count as a grievance, which i asked him to keep it to himself (for now) but, i guess, depending on how things go tomorrow, i
  5. hello. i have worked for this company for 3 years, im employed full time, in the transport industry, the company is a very large employer. i have been off sick with stress/depression and anxiety since may 29th 2012, a few weeks ago, i took in a sick note, and the boss called me into the office, he told me that he would be setting up a meeting in a week or so, with the union, where if he was not given a 'return to work date', my employment would be 'terminated on the grounds of capability'. i received a letter a few days later, the meeting was held 15th July, i was sent
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