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  1. Thank you Bank Fodder for your advice, and I am actively making the arrangements to pay the arrears from where I am. I can show that they have always known that my son lives there, they have and always had his contact details if they need to discuss anything with me. They call the rate hike a charge, this is why Im confused.
  2. Hi All, Im new to this site and hoping that you can help me with my problem. I have a mortgage with the Kensington mortgage company. The mortgage is in arrears to a total of £9222. I am able to pay the arrears in full, however the Kensington mortgage company have told me that this may not stop the eviction notice. Can Kensington refuse to allow me to clear the arrears as they are threatening. My son and his family live in the house, which is in my name, he has lived there all his life, the payment to clear the arrears will be made from my husband to my accoun
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