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  1. Very true but it is amazing how quickly the owners seem to appear once a car is clamped. The company can also remove the vehicle if required. After the first two clampings the message was out there and it made such a difference. I don't dread getting up at 4am to go to work wondering if I can get the car out and then returning in the evening at 20:30 wondering if I can garage my car. I know I could give up using the garage but I don't relish the thought in the early hours in the morning having to clear snow off and around the car before setting off. There would also be an increase in my car insurance if I can't garage the car.


    It would be a return of a nightmare if there is no way to deter these selfish parkers.

  2. Had thought about some form of barriers but access must be allowed for emergency vehicles. Yet another reason why in my deeds I am to keep my forecourt clear. But how can I comply that's the problem? I have also read that clamping is to be allowed in the future but only for authorised/registered companies. In other words the cowboy companies will become a thing of the past. If that's true then it would make sense as there must be some legal means available to people to deter illegal parking. Otherwise any one can park on any persons driveway they care to and get away with it. Surely that can't be right.

  3. May I ask a question from another point of view and would welcome any suggestions? I own (freehold) a garage and forecourt and have a continual problem of people parking on the forecourt and even right up against my garage doors. This then makes it impossible to get my car in and out of my garage. Additionally I am required, under the house deeds to keep the forecourt free for access to allow other garage owners to drive over my forecourt to access their own garages.


    Over the last couple of years I and many other home owners on our estate have used PCS to great effect. We can actually use our garages and on the rare occasion of someone ignoring the notices not to park a phone call to PCS gets the matter sorted out. If I can' t employ a parking company to fine, clamp, remove offenders what can I do. From what I have read here I don't think I wish to continue with them but I do need to have some legal way of deterring and dealing with the illegal and inconsiderate parkers. Can any one here offer advice or point me in the direction of a reputable company.

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