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  1. Never give you number to Safestyle! they continuously harass you even when you go through to the automated system to be removed from the database, speaking with agents telling them to remove my details... They next time they are being reported
  2. I was wondering if somebody could give me some advise please... Last week my daughter informed me her Blackberry 9860 (contract signed 22/01/12) torch was not charging. There was no physical reasons why it was not charging. The phone is in excellent condition as its kept in a case etc. We returned it back to T-mobile to be sent away, the sales chap even commented on its condition! Today we received a text informing us the phone was ready to be collected. We arrived to be told this was not a warranty issue, I was shocked to see the state of the phone returned from the return centre.
  3. Thanks chaps this is very useful especially the ET timeline. All notes I have reviewed, changed and approved the final versions, stuck to my guns where they have different opinions. I have requested a DSAR and they say I have to pay a fee of £10, I cannot find any policy around this, whilst its not going to break the bank can they charge me? Thank you in advance...
  4. finally do I have a legal right to request all notes relating the the grievance investigation? Thank you PP
  5. Thanks. I need to be a little vague with the amount of detail I include so I'm sorry... things happen which leaves you feeling paranoid! Is there any guidance regarding the amount of time to issue notes from a meeting i.e. Return to work, hearing etc. I have read generally within 24 hours whilst the information is fresh in peoples minds but i cannot find the document I read it in. PP
  6. Hi, I was wondering if somebody could answer a question for me please. Do you have to be registered disabled to cite disability discrimination in a grievance? Many thanks in advance. PP
  7. Hi, This thread has been absolutely fantastic, and has given me the fight to see my issues through - employers should not be allowed to get away with their actions. I am currently having issues with my employer, I raised a grievance 8 weeks ago, I received my response yesterday in which they have acknowledged they could have handled things better but they have not taken any responsibility for removing me from my role. This has left me feeling dejected and I have no faith in the Company. I know the investigation was not carried out in any detail and my line manager has blatantly li
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