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  1. Ive called a few employment law solicitors for a callback so I am in the very early stages however, Id like to put the company on notice that I would like to appeal without going into full details. Do I have to write the letter in a particular format and include specfics?
  2. Merry Xmas all (not for me). I was dismissed not long ago and believe you me it was a a complete farce. I am currently seeking legal advice and was wondering what information I NEED to include in my appeal letter? The reason I ask is because I am reluctant to showing my hand at this stage so to speak. The company has already proven to conjur up a case to support their stance and by giving them my detailed reasons for appeal, I would be giving them an early Christmas pressie to wrap and seal me up. If anyone has any links to any template letters, I would be grateful. Than
  3. I will call first thing in the morning and explain there has been a confusion and the wrong driver has been identified/nominated on the form? Just to play the worst case scenario, what happens if I find the letter delivered in my wifes name tomorrow morning? Can I still call up and have it changed back or will they have conducted all checks by then?
  4. You are right. We cannot go ahead with this. Can we not renominate him as the driver? We have spoken to him and he is prepared to deal with the consequences, Will my wife will receive the same notification he did i.e. a choice to admit guilt or nominate the driver?
  5. Or his mother takes the full wrap and takes the 3 charges? What is that likely to result in? She is close to 50, hasn't driven for many years and has a clean full UK driving license. I know this sounds like a bad bad option but Im wondering if he/we are likely to end up in even deeper **** if he tries to retract his submission. The document he completed was sent over 3 days ago.
  6. Hello users, I am really annoyed right now and I was wondering if you were able to offer some advice on the following situation. - My son was caught speeding in a 40mph zone. His recorded speed was 60mph. - Upon receiving the speeding notification, he stupidly nominated his mother as the driver by selecting "I was not the driver at the time of the offence" - His mother has a full UK license. She has not driven a car for many years and She is NOT insured on any vehicle (including my sons) - The documentation has been sent and is likely to arrive in the same format as t
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