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  1. Hi again When I returned home there was a mail waiting for me from Link. I forgot to scan it before I came back here, the salient points are: 1: This does refer to my Student Loan, including what I recognise to be my Student Loan number and to a balance of £23xx value 2: Does not give a statement of any payments that have been made to Student Loans, from the depths of whatever time I was making those payments 3: No reference to the CCJ which has now been removed from my credit file 4: References a company 'Thesis' (sp) that I am supposed to have broken an arrangement with, but
  2. Hi Stigman Thank you for the quick response. The SO mandate was direct to Student Loans. I am just worried with me working away from home at present, if they were to arrive they may enter without me being there? Is that a potential? I have to admit to being worried beyond belief at this moment in time.
  3. Hi I am hoping someone can help me. I received a call yesterday from an unknown number on my mobile phone which left no voicemail. This morning they have called again and I managed to get there in time then I answered my phone, they referred to me by my Christian name and then confirmed my Surname, but, they would not respond to me as to who they were and why they were contacting me until I had confirmed my details. The reason they are contacting me was due to an outstanding debt to Student Loan. This i had, many moons ago, gone through to CCJ on my credit r
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