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  1. I already got the parking pass and I also read few post here as well but generally all are about parking in visitor space and don't have any sign about parking restriction but where I am living got big sign just after you enter into parking space - I attached that in previous post.
  2. Thanks for all advice... What make me uncomfortable is: Our basement parking got big message board saying parking lot controlled by OPC - I attached image for your references. My contract mentioned that includes one car pass, I didn't know about that until I got tickets and asked to my agent. I also shaw that all cars in car park got parking pass displayed. Is notice board in parking lot and car pass make OPC's case strong ? and I will end up in paying 700+ court fees?? Thanks,
  3. Hi All Experts, Recently I moved to new property (Flat). My flat got one allocated parking space in basement, locked compound. Just after moving to new property, I went on holiday for about 20 days – when I came back I saw about 7 parking tickets, 2 of them were on windscreen while others are found on ground. I was not sure why I got ticket as I parked my car in my allocated parking space. I send email to OPC people and explain this this but they reply with saying that you have to display valid parking permit - they also want me to pay 100 for all tickets as 14 days were already passed ( I was on holiday for that time) I explain to them that "I was on holiday (out of UK, can send you passport entry as evidence on request) that’s why few tickets are passed 14 days period and if I know about this, I moved my car somewhere else or get in touch with you soon to prove that parking space is allocated to me." but they are keep replying that you have to pay fine as valid permit was not displayed. At last they were agree on paying 3 ticket with £100 fine at they were late and cancel other 4 tickets. I am not sure what to do - In flat basement I can see message saying parking is controlled by OPC. Uploaded for your references. Please help me guys - I can't afford to pay that much. Thanks you in Advance!!
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