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  1. Yup she would not settle, stated the whole freedom pass thing was big fish etc... and she stood by the fact that they had already stated where they stood by email and unfortunately she wouldn't be able to change that. I was gutted but expected it. and the clerk thing basically - Ii asked her if I could speak to the TFL prosecutor as she was taking names of people who had arrived. She stated she was the TFL prosecutor and was only taking names (clerk duites) as the clerk was not present. So bottom line the outcome was the fine as stated above and conviction of the byelaw offence. Hop
  2. Hi Guys, firstly just want to say a big thank you to the guys on this forum, especially those who have posted on here and assisted me with my problem and worry. I attended court this week at 10am. Had to wait quiet a while as they were a fair few people who had to be seen. I had a word with the TFL prosecutor before the case who was also acting as a clerk. She was nice enough to listen and hear me out. I stated everything I had to and was genuinely sorry and ensured she understood this. I genuinely felt the prosecutor would not give me any of their time but she went
  3. OC/Guys anything to add in regards to trying to speak to the TFL prosecutor at the court? Are you just supposed to ask for him and state your case? My case is a morning one hence I am guessing they will be very busy and unlikely they will even entertain me, and in regards to £300 or something along those lines are you just supposed to offer it? or state you'd pay the fees as per the letter? Sorry for the layman questions once again, its just that if this is the final chance to try and speak to them I'd like to attempt it correctly. Also just a question once in the court room when the cour
  4. Hi Guys, TFL rejected the appeal by letter email stating i dont have the circumstances required. You know what I've had enough of this whole mess, i brought this on myself by my own stupidity in not checking what I was using and that is my responsibility. There are no excuses or free rides in this world and making mistakes like that are costly, evidently I have learned this the hard way. I will be attending court in person, pleading guilty to the bye law offence and as a friend of mine would say... 'manning up'. I guess I am v lucky that this is a byelaw offence and prosecution as op
  5. Hi Guys, Just want to say thanks again for all the advice. OC you are indeed correct and I have emailed TFL with a genuine letter. I hope they consider the alternative disposal a good reason to want to settle. I understand my charge is not for avoiding a fare but in fact the strict liability breach of a byelaw and hence much less to argue. I guess I am lucky I was charged with the byelaw as opposed to section 5. Question I wanted to ask was in regards to the court summons it states to get your plea and documents in 3 days prior to the court date, means form etc. If I am attendi
  6. firstclass i think you are right about the 'serious mitigation' however i may still draft a letter/email. I think its fair to say it will cause trouble for any profession but it may vary depending on what you do.. i understand your example regarding the solicitor who was fined and convicted for fare evasion but from my understanding i would have to be charged with the railway regulation act to be convicted of fare evasion? as opposed to tfl byelaw 17 (1) - strict liability based on entering a compulsory ticket area without having a valid ticket.. a non recordable offence not the same as fare
  7. OC/first classx, in regards to trying to settle out of court and sending TFL a letter/email as I tried calling and they stated they would need it in writing with evidence of serious mitigating factors, in regards to this if you settle and you would like to make an offer of "220" for example can that be seen in a negative light, not in the sense the amount is not enough but rather it feels wrong to be trying to buy your way out of the problem? :S
  8. OC, when you say penalty fare what exactly does that mean? why is byelaw 17 different in that respect? is it still possible to call TFL and try to settle out of court? and I am still trying to get my head around how a bye law is recorded?
  9. Ok this is the confusing bit: 2) A conviction at the Magistrates' Court will land you with a criminal record, albeit one that only appears on Enhanced Disclosures. You would still need to declare it though if asked "do you have any previous convictions" on an application form/visa application etc. Travelling to USA etc becomes harder because you are no longer eligible for the visa waiver scheme, but will not necessarily prevent you from obtaining a visa. I have read countess examples which state that bye laws lead you to being convicted but this is only recorded at the magistrates c
  10. Hi Guys, It's nice to meet you all. I have been a lurker looking around for months now so have become accustomed to a lot of the regulars on this forum and just want to say thank you before I even start to members such as OC, Underground and others who take time out to give advice and help others. Now for the point at hand, I was stopped at a central london station this year and a family members freedom pass was in my possession, long story short, I was questioned by a TFL member, I had not realised I had used the pass as I also had my Oyster with enough credit to travel however as I
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