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  1. Oddly enough, there is a name on it in big bold letters. Its quite a common looking name but no signature of course. If my tenant leaves as a result of the threatening letter put through the door, which was not in an envelope, I will hold the debt collector fully liable for all rent lost as a result. I think that would be quite reasonable.
  2. The first letter was put through my letterbox by hand. It was picked up by my lodger who is, quite rightly, scared by it. The second letter was sent by post.
  3. I forgot to mention I received a second letter today titled "NOTICE PRIOR TO REMOVAL OF GOODS" that is similar to the first one but has red bits. I have phoned Hounslow council, they told me the address this relates to and the actual amount of outstanding which was significantly less than that stated on the letter. I will only deal with the council directly about this and intend on sending a letter to the debt collector informing them so. I will send copies of the threatening letters to the council and ask them to reconsider if they should be using this collector.
  4. On 23rd August 2012 I received a letter out of the blue, text of which I have copied below. It is an attempt to extort money from me by intimidation and actually expresses an intent to steal property from my house. I received no contact such as normal demands for a payment before this letter. I believe many people will be scared into paying this company because of their tactics and I think it unlikely that any part of any payment, thus obtained, would find its way to the council. It has a ring of authenticity about it because it does refer to a possible genuine magistrates order
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