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  1. This note of theirs have been put on now since many complained at Glasgow office(including me). When I applied, the note was not there in their website. Even when I asked the Glasgow UKBA personnel to show me in the form or the website about any notification of such kind, they agreed that it is not there and they have asked their superiors to put on the website. May I add here, can you ask the Glasgow UKBA office on how many of the candidates (self employed) returned back with their application till the cut-off dat of 22 August 2012? They should be able to provide the list of candid
  2. Hi, I don't think it is clearly mentioned anywhere in their website that so and so PEO don't deal with application of self employed. It should have been mentioned in the application as well. But no, there was no information in the form also. This resulted my going to Glasgow, returned back empty handed wasting my time and energy. Besides I missed to time to book another ILR application in Person dates. Result is that I had to send it by post. I send it by post in September 10th 2012 and still awaiting outcome of my application. It goes beyond commonsense who UK Border Security
  3. I went to Galsgow UK Border Agency office on 28th of August for my ILR application in person. They refused to take on my application saying that they don't deal with 'self employed' cases thereby meaning that they don't deal with the application wherein the applicant is self employed. Neither the form, nor their website talks about Glasgow office not dealing with self employed case. UK Border Agency has seriuosly let me down. Did anybody had similar experience? I would be interested to know what they have done or what is the right course I should follow on my in-person app
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