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  1. Here is where all the other postings are about the same problem with Aqualisa showers:- http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2867796 Note the 13th post; the bloke says it's beginning to happen more frequently, and he changed his PRD ( pressure relief device) as well !! Be warned. Guarantee or not, it's going to recur.
  2. Bought online from Plumbworld June 2015 for £117. Installed few weeks later. Fault showed up week after installation, fixed by me after viewing online posts (see previous post on this thread). Failed again and fixed as before. Failed again last month and pressure relief device changed by suppliers repairman. Failed last week and fixed by me as before. Over to you.
  3. Yes. But Aqualisa liability is limited to the value of the shower (not unreasonably), not all the money I spent having it installed. And I don't want another Aqualisa, this was clearly a design fault which I am sure will be common to all their electric showers. However, any useful advice which won't cost even more money will be gladly considered.
  4. I bought an Aqualisa electric shower and paid a lot to have it professionally fitted . Almost immediately, when switched on, water began gushing out of the back and down the wall. I looked online and found several postings, including one which explained this was due to a pressure relief valve opening and described how to fix it. Basically, you switch off the electricity, take off the cover, unscrew the valve (difficult) and push a plastic ball back into its tube and then reassemble. OK for a month then it happened again. I phoned Aqualisa customer services and asked for a fitter to repair it under the 2 year guarantee, which they did. Six weeks later same problem. This time customer services said they will make a total of 2 repair visits and thereafter, until the 2 year guarantee has expired, they will post you a new valve which you will have to fit yourself. So what happens after 2 years? You have to buy them and keep changing them yourself or you don't have a shower. It is clearly a design fault, but customer services say it isn't, and "it isn't part of the shower because it's a safety feature", even though it is inside the shower under the cover. What utter nonsense ! I now have a shower that fails every six weeks and the manufacturer won't honour the guarantee. I want my money back but don't know how to get it without spending even more money There are quite a lot of internet postings on Aqualisa electric showers describing exactly the same fault - take a look. Don't buy Aqualisa showers.
  5. This is further to my posts of 2nd & 8th Sept 2012 which explain the original problem and follows a recent Supreme Court ruling:- What's the difference between someone stopping me in the street and saying "give me £690 or I'll punch you on the nose" and someone stopping me in the street and saying "give me £690 or I'll put defaults on your credit rating and you won't be able to borrow any money". Suppose I wrote to Tesco and said "send me £690 or I'll put poison in food in your stores and no-one will buy it". Are any of these crimes? Well apparently the latter is a crime. A few years ago (when this racket was popular) a few people went to prison for doing it. Note the recent Supreme Court ruling on a matter where someone went into a store (I think in Aberdeen) and bought a laptop on the understanding it had a modem, and took a credit agreement to pay for it. He took it back next day because it didn't have a modem and the store cancelled the sale but refused to do anything about the credit agreement because it was with another company. The finance company insisted the customer continue with the payments even though the purchase was cancelled and put defaults on his credit history when he didn't keep up the payments. As a result he lost a house he was buying. The Supreme Court ruled that the shop had "a Duty of Care" to their customer which included seeing that the finance agreement was cancelled at the same time as the sale. Does Tesco have "a Duty of Care" to make sure that if they pursue people for money, that the people they are pursuing do actually owe the money? Can anyone with legal expertise offer an opinion on these matters? Joe Public would find the results interesting.
  6. After checking the T&Cs about whether the cap applies only to EU or is worldwide you should write to them again asking the question specifically , and also ask to which specific services they say the cap applies (your last post). Make sure they are contravening their own T&Cs before refusing to pay up. It might be wise to say that you will gladly pay what is reasonably due but that you are questioning the total amount they are asking. Ask for a detailed breakdown of the amount. Get it all in writing because you may wish to ask the Ombudsman for an adjudication when the 8 weeks are up and will need written evidence. Retain copies of the letters you send, this is important evidence that you have acted reasonably and made efforts to resolve the dispute with the supplier. Ask that letters they write in reply should have a full name signature so they can be held to account.
  7. You will probably find they ignore a request for a deadlock letter. Customer services staff probably don't know what it is, or understand their industry rules. It is a requirement to issue one when a dispute becomes deadlocked and the matter can then be referred to the Ombudsman for adjudication. Unfortunately the latter requires a 8 week period before action will be taken irrespective of whether a deadlock has been agreed. In the meantime they will continue to pursue you by whatever means. You can write to the debt collectors explaining that you dispute the debt and asking that they refer back to their client, but they may ignore it. They will probably put a default on your credit rating with one of the 3 rating agencies, Equifax, Experion or CallCredit, unfortunately you won't know which and will have to check all three. This can be done quite easily as they are required by law to provide a basic personal credit report upon request and payment of a fee of £2. Apply for this in writing, their addresses are on their websites. You can also get online access to your own credit report on payment of a larger subscription, but sometimes the agencies have a free trial offer for a month which you can take out and cancel quite quickly. You may have difficulty in getting any defaults removed because you do owe money, only disputing the amount, but they don't last for ever (3 or 5 yrs, see agencies websites). You must remember that helplines and customer services people have almost no training and are almost completely ignorant of the rules and legal requirements of the business in which they are working. They will also refuse to give their full names and think they can phone and write to Joe Public making threats and demands for money safe in their anonymity. I suggest you do everything in writing from the start, and refuse to talk to them on the phone, so that you can produce written evidence later.
  8. I received a few lines from "The O2 Fraud Team" on Monday saying they "confirmed" that my name had been given to Tesco by fraudsters and they were removing the defaults on my credit report . A retraction, but no apology for their mishandling of it. So O2 were really behind it. I wonder if Tesco is happy with the effect on their reputation.
  9. Make sure you have T-Mobile's agreement of the lesser amount in writing. Get everything in writing. If the £44 is the balance on your last bill then keep the bill safe, it is important. These solicitors may be acting as debt collectors, in which case they will need a license and have to follow a code of practice. There is a lot on the web about how to deal with debt collectors.
  10. OK Bankfodder, that's your view. But take a look at the earlier Guardian article of 29th June "Fraudsters Sail Past Tesco Security" . Big frauds get known about very quickly when you're in the business so this one was well known in the business by June 29th. So Tesco Mobile and its staff hounded me for a debt they knew wasn't mine from then 'til the end of Aug. Demanding money to which you aren't entitled with threats (of the debt collectors and by implication, my credit rating) - isn't that some sort of crime?
  11. Take a look at The Guardian Money page online of 3rd August "Mobile phone fraudsters leave victims paying for multiple contracts" . Throughout July and August Tesco Mobile have been harrassing me to settle a mobile phone account I've never heard of. Nor have I ever had one with Tesco Mobile. The article explains that fraudsters have been going into shops and giving other people's names and addresses . When asked for their bank account they give one they've opened the day before specially for the purpose. It has nothing in it, but Tesco's staff (and the other service providers) open a credit account for them and give them a high value handset quite happily without making any effort to verify the information given. When the account isn't paid they pursue the name, and unfortunately I'm one of the names and addresses. By the time of this article (3rd Aug) it was well known in the business that this fraud was widespread but nevertheless Tesco staff persisted in demanding money from me which they knew very well I did not owe. Which is Dishonest. If you're in the same boat there's a lot you can do. You will find Tesco Mobile complaints dept is useless and will keep demanding personal details about you. DON'T TELL THEM - they want to fill in the information they should have checked at the time they gave the money away. But you have to write to them first explaining why the debt isn't yours. Having done that, the Ombudsman Service:Communications will consider individual cases after an 8 week period (to allow the company and you to sort it out). Since Tesco won't make any effort to investigate your complaint you just have to make your submission to the Ombudsman and wait. Tesco Mobile are licensed to offer credit to the public by the Office of Fair Trading and as such have to follow their code of practice. This includes being honest and also dealing with complaints promptly and in a reasonable manner. The OFT won't consider individual cases, but you can ask them whether Tesco Mobile have broken the rules and whether they are an appropriate organisation to offer credit, and if not to consider suspending their license. Let's make life as difficult for them as they are making it for us !!
  12. Is anyone else being pursued by Tesco Mobile for £690 when they have never had any connection with them? If so, take a look at TheGuardian money pages 29th June (online) "Fraudsters sail past Tesco Security". Like the unfortunate Mr Firth in the article I am being pursued for exactly £690 and like him have never had an account with them. Like him I found Tesco complaints dept. ignored my letters and like him I got a letter from their debt collectors Frederickson International. Like him, Tesco know my name and address and date of birth and say they will continue to pursue me unless I tell them a lot of personal details. This is clearly because they don't have them already. So they allowed someone credit on a monthly account without making reasonable efforts to verify their identity. And because of their carelessness they have to pursue ordinary people for money which they do not owe. Tesco Mobile has put a note on my Equifax credit report showing I have 2 overdue payments. According to the article someone went into a store and took out an account in Mr Firth's name, and, it seems, probably mine as well. So I suspect that there are a lot of other innocent people out there in the same boat and if you are one of them please post a reply. I've found that there is quite a lot you can do, but firstly :- -- don't tell Tesco Mobile any of your personal details, no matter how much they threaten, they aren't entitled to know and the fact that they don't is going to show them up badly later on. -- deal with everything in writing, you will need all their correspondence and yours at a later stage. Will post more later if there are any replies to this.
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