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  1. Yes, thats a good idea, I can write to the Student loans company as they dont have the debt now since they have sold it to Link Outsourcing
  2. Ive been getting mail from Link Financial Outsourcing regarding an old student loan. I was deferring the payment as I was unemployed at the time then about 6 years ago I forgot to defer the payment and was asked to pay about 6 months worth of repayments, I told them I was unemployed and I didnt have it but they didnt care so I broke off contact completely with them. It looks like they have sold the debt to Link Outsourcing, my question is this, should I contact them and ask for the original credit agreement and use the statute of limitations defence or should I ignore it? Im not sure if its been over 6 years since I last contacted the student loans company (but I think its been over 6 years) If I contact them and its been under 6 years the debt becomes "live" again as I understand it. Any information would be gratefully received.
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