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  1. Hi all, My friend is in a bad situation. He applied for a loan through a broker, Loan Solutions approximately 5 weeks ago. The application took longer than the expected 3-5 days and then, in the end, he was matched with an unsuitable lender. Loan Solutions took a fee of £70 to match him with his lender, Amigo. He was told to wait for Amigo to contact him, but they did not. Eventually he contacted Amigo directly who informed him that no record of his application existed. In short, his application was never passed along to Amigo as claimed by Loan Solutions. He telephoned Loan Solutions a number of times who repeatedly left him on hold, refusing to answer his calls. The receptionist informed him that as far as they were concerned they had 'done their bit' and now it was in the hands of Amigo. Amigo still maintain that he is not in their records and have not contacted him. This to me means that my friend should surely be eligible to have his money refunded as Loan Solution have not 'done their bit'?? Today my friend has realised that his phone bill for last month was over £200 - totaling almost £300 in extra expense as a result of Loan Solutions. His bill is so high simply because they left him on hold for such long periods of time.. . literally until he decided to hang up! They obviously had no intention of ever answering. Is there absolutely anything that can be done here? My friend has lost a lot of money. It's a lesson learned the hard way, I know. We're trying not to dwell on the mistake made, but instead move forward and try to do something about this. Please help us out - we really feel like we should be fighting this.
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