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  1. Great, thanks. Let's see what happens!
  2. I don't even know what they're contacting me about yet, as until I started getting letters from debt collectors I've had no communication on the matter.
  3. Quick update - since I last posted I've had yet another letter from Inter-Credit International this time saying that it refers to me owning the vehicle in August 2010 (at which point it was definitely taxed). I finally got through to the DVLA on the phone (that's a mission in itself!) and the person I spoke to said 'my file has been passed to a recovery office in Glasgow' but they can't tell me why. To query it I have to write to them. I'm happy to do so, but what should I do about Inter-Credit International? I haven't acknowledged any of their communication yet, but I don't really fancy getting yet more threatening letters while I wait for the DVLA to process my query, respond, etc.
  4. Hi there, I received a letter last Thursday from Civil Investigations, saying they were trying to trace someone with my maiden name. I've only been married a year but changed my name on everything at the time, so I Googled them and saw plenty here and on Moneysavingexpert.com to make me simply ignore it. Today I've had a letter from Inter-Credit International, who I note are the parent company, and it's the classic 'Debt Recovery Notice' I've seen in other posts. It doesn't state what the debt is FOR, merely give my car registration number and says the DVLA are preparing a claim against me as I've ignored all previous communication (The DVLA have never sent me a letter, called me, anything). These letters seem to be most often used in SORN cases, and I think I know what this is about. 3 years ago we moved house and my car tax was due a couple of days after our move date. I'd already updated the address on my insurance but I hadn't changed my Registered Keepers doc - so when I went to the Post Office to tax it they wouldn't, saying the address had to be consistent on the documents. I was really concerned my car wouldn't be taxed in the intervening period but they said to update my VC5 and then they could tax it. Alternatively I could drive my untaxed car(!!!!) to a local DVLA office (~ 25 miles away in the middle of a major motorway network) to discuss it with them to see if they'd tax my car with the documents as was. I duly posted off my VC5 to get the address changed; got it back from the DVLA and taxed my car. This process probably did take 6-7 weeks in all, but I've never had any communication from the DVLA to tell me there was a penalty due. They can't say I hadn't updated my address with them to enable them to do so - the length of time it took to do that was why my car wasn't taxed. So - what's my best course of action? I'd ring the DVLA, but judging by the mass of forum posts they probably won't speak to me about it. Thanks, Em
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