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  1. I own a garage, we recently had a ford focus brought in by a customer! She'd just bought it from Barber cars, Coventry, well as requested we checked it over, missing radio and screws in dash, some wiring in dash say it'd been a taxi at some time, the car has several dents and scratches none serious, however it did come with a full MOT, the near side balljoint was listed as an advisory despite being so worn we considered it dangerous, the offside front wheel bearing had substantial play in it, front pads and discs were deeply rutted and on one surface only 7mm of contact, rear wiper blade was not clearing the screen. And an empty washer bottle, rear offside tyre had a slow puncture and there are obvious tracking issues. Anyway, needless to say our lady customer is on the war path, not for herself as we've rectified her car problems but she's concerned for other peoples safety. I contacted the car dealer at Longford park to be told it was no longer anything to do with Mr Barber (Gurdip Virdi) he'd sold the business and it is now Cov carz, Within a few days of purchase of the focus? How odd, well maybe not as this guy seems to have more names than anyone else on the planet, so it seems Cov carz is the same place, same address, same stock, same deals, same everything except the name and the operators name, oh and a different mobile number. Now that may be ligit but it certainly smells fishy to me, Buyer beware.
  2. Go get your money back or proof the proceeds paid off the loan, failing all else punch him in the face, as far as I'm aware he owes the money not you, by selling the security he's broken the law not you, did you do a hpi check?
  3. You could get onto your local MP or the new police commissioner they can both apply the correct amount of pressure, important thing is to stay calm and deal with it logically
  4. I'd have taken his name, placed a formal complaint against him and if all else failed track him down and remove the wheels from his car! They are impossible to reason with, and they have to be some sad gits to do a job like that in the first place, just be assured you have a better life and more happiness than the sad miserable twerp will ever know.
  5. Really a lot depends on who you are dealing with, some will just play hard ball and take you to court, some will take a more sensible attitude, none want to to go bankrupt because they wont get paid. You need to approach each one seperately, make an offer to pay only what you can afford, if one refuses and insists on taking legal action this could force you into bankruptcy in which case you include the lot and get them all written off. If you have assets ie a house etc, your best bet is to go for an IVA agreement, you will probably need some legal help, much of the debt can be written off as your creditors would rather get something than nothing, the rest you pay off at a sensible rate, this also freezes any interest, whichever route you take it will affect your credit rating. an IVA is a legally binding agreement, as far as your creditors are concerned it's damage limitation, as far as you're concerned it's light at the end of the tunnel without losing your home, Good luck
  6. I tried that, they said no, spotty youths on the phone dont want to work or cant be bothered to help, one even got stroppy
  7. just cancel the rip off renewal and sign up on line, if its cheaper and still with the same company thats good as they already have your ncb, it works, i did it that way with sheilas wheels, just be nice as stroppy will just make them difficult
  8. I went back to the same company with a new online policy and it was fine, they even had my ncb on file so it was easy
  9. You can haggle too, I got my daughters insurance down from the best quote of £1300 down to £795 because the agent was talking to the underwriters
  10. Compare the market works for me, free meercat too, renewal with sheilas wheels £210 new policy with sheilas wheels through compare the market £151
  11. I've had this twice now, tell them to get lost, go find a better deal and then cancel the auto renew, I had an increased cost renewal and then found a much better deal on line with the same company, they're trying it on in the hope you'll not notice the price hike. 2nd one was into the new contract and they tried to charge me cancellation, I told them where to go too! Auto renewal is the latest con these insurance companies try, they justify it by saying the law says you have to have continuous insurance.
  12. Simple, IVA, check it out, it would seem to be the best and only way of sorting this without going bankrupt. IVA you will keep your home.
  13. Well no-one called, useless twerps, however they did return the charge they took, after a week, no contact, no apology, no reply to my email either, really getting naffed off with Lloydstsb, ignorant, lazy greedy self serving disloyal excuse for a bank!
  14. Well here we are 2 days later, business account STILL OPEN, and another service charge not cancelled, the dozy woman said she sorted it whilst I was on the phone, it would now appear she was probably filing her nails whilst dishing out bull! Today's correspondence with Lloyds CEO's office. From: Martin willmott [mailto:martin.willmott@o2.co.uk] Sent: 05 October 2012 09:34 To: Commercial MD Office - Customer Relations Subject: Re: Request for further information Hi, Unfortunately this saga is dragging on, not only have they failed to convert the dead business account to a servicing account for the loan as agreed, they are still charging me on this account, I called and they said they would refund the charges immediately and sort the account, 2 days later and nothing has been done, Now this matter has been going on for some time, the whole saga has proved very expensive and stressful to me and I've now had enough! at this stage I am embarking on an anti Lloydstsb campaign and will not only expect a full apology, I expect the account type to be amended, charges returned and compensation for my time, expense and stress! Martin ----- Original Message ----- From: Commercial MD Office - Customer Relations To: Martin willmott Sent: Friday, October 05, 2012 12:28 PM Subject: 2665-12: Mr Martin Willmott Dear Mr Willmott It is disappointing to hear you are still experiencing problems with your business account. Please be assured that I have requested the appropriate relationship manager to make contact with you shortly. If you do not hear by Tuesday 9th October, please let my colleague Julie Hegarty or myself know. Many thanks for your patience, Samantha Larsen | Commercial MD Office | LBG Commercial Telephone: 0117 923 3302| Network: 7 801 3302 samantha.larsen@lloydsbanking.com Disappointed doesn't come close, because of your business manager's shoot now and ask questions later attitude, several bad things happened, one of which was my daughter's car insurance got cancelled costing me the equivalent of 3 months policy costs, that's about £300.00 I'm not sure whether you are aware but your business manager cancelled all my direct debits with absolutely no prior notice, 2 days later I started getting messages from creditors and after that a letter from Lloyds saying the direct debits had been cancelled, I've had to pay for office staff to do extra hours to sort this mess out too! I was offered no help prior to being effectively ejected from Lloyds after 16 years a loyal customer, I was not asked why I was having a few cash flow problems of late, there was no contact whatsoever. On the few occasions I called Lloyds I was told there was no one available but when they are they'll call, Huh! No call! My cash flow issues were a temporary glitch in business which is now resolved and both my businesses are doing well, pity I'm now with another bank. I would prefer not to deal with the useless excuses for business or relationship managers but rather to deal with your office directly at this stage. Martin
  15. It now seems the business account has not been closed, charges were added today! I called and spent a considerable chunk of my life on hold while they looked into it, then I got the charges refunded, and closed the business account! OMG! they are about as sharp as a marshmallow, why oh why do we trust these people with our money?, let's see what happens next!
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