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  1. I figured out whats happened. I live with my parents and I have the same name as my dad and we both bank with the Co-op. The Co-op have included his loans in my settlement. So therefore I am only owed £500. Thanks to eveyone that posted.
  2. TBH I really dont know. I didnt have any of the paper work for the loan. I can't say how much PPI I was paying or how long for.
  3. Apparently so! I have not done any calculations myself but I intend to investigate further. Do you think that there is any chance that I could still claim the original £6500?
  4. I made a PPI claim with the Co-op bank on a loan and received a letter with calculations on PPI that I was owed. This totalled around£6500. I signed the letter and returned it to the Co-op asking the money be credited to my current account. Around 4 weeks later I received another letter from the Co-op stating that they had miss-calculated and I was only entitled to £500. Is there anything I can do about this? Was the original offer binding asI had already signed and agreed to it?
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