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  1. I seem to be getting mixed answers whenever i seem to phone, in between phoning the compliance officer i received all my stuff that i sent in for 06/07 with a covering letter saying that i need to send in nursery receipts also for 2006/07. After speaking to her this morning she advised that this was wrong but after phoning again I do indeed have to send in this stuff as well as all of 2007/08. I have explained that I phoned nursery and the manager there told me that they only have copies of receipts going back to april 07 so god knows how i go about getting them beforehand, but she is more t
  2. just a quick update - i rang my compliance officer this morning and was advised that they didn't actually need all 06/07 information but in fact it was 07/08 they needed so they are sending all my stuff back to me and now i have until the 22nd september to get all last years information of to them. I am assuming that as I put a claim in for incapacity benefit in october 2007 (not the income support side of it) that this is why they are enquiring into my award. I earned just over 6,000 last year but this year i expect it will not be more than £3000 but to be honest i don't really think t
  3. hi i too had aletter stating they were looking into 06/07 which i sent off all information. but today received another letter wanting the same for 07/08, i am not worried as i have done nothing wrong but its extremely concerning that they would want details of loans, credit cards even tv licence. i have not received anything back from the first enquiry as yet as that had to be in by the 12 th august but will update as soon as i do. anyone else heard back from theirs yet??
  4. I have worked in a call centre for the last 7 years and had no end of problems with managers and I am currently off sick. Each time that I have had a grievance and put it in writing, the person in question is either sacked beforehand or leaves and then its all forgotton about. At present I am having 4 weekly home visits with the usual chit chat about when will I be coming back to work but to be honest I really don't see it getting any better if I go back. My questions are I currently have 148 hours holiday to take by 5th may and I should work a 22 hour week. I was going to retu
  5. oh thank god for that. Had a bit of a panic when i came on here that i should have removed the stay. It got transferred to local court in June 2007 and then stayed in the August 2007. Spoke to a lady at the courts who sort of talked me into waiting for the results of the test case rather than pay £40 to get it lifted, Whats everyone elses opinion on this?? would you just wait or proceed on with it?? I'm in no rush for the money back, I already had 2 settled so i'm fairly confident that I'll get it back eventually and that there will be a nice bit of interest on top also.
  6. Hi I have not been on here for a while after the whole oft test case because i was under the impression that all claims were stayed and that nothing could be done about it until the hearing went ahead. Would I be better waiting for the result of the case or should I be doing something else in the meantime?? cheers jodie
  7. my other lloyds settled in full this morning just hsbc to go could i have a won please
  8. well in the last week one of my lloyds that i started the same day as my hsbc has settled. also my previous lloyds settled in full this morning also. just gotta wait for my hsbc to settle now. never submitted the bundle - thought i'd hang on.
  9. Got another court date through for another lloyds claim - 12th sept. Full offer for that this morning. Still got 2 to go - Lloyds 7th sept hsbc - 18th sept Funny how the one i started the latest paid out first
  10. i know - lloyds as well 7th sept 2 much printing 2 do
  11. i got my court date through - 18th sept
  12. I now have a court date for the 7th september.
  13. Hi I had the exact same letter just under a month ago, I replied that day and sent them 3 seperate copies by recorded delivery. I also pointed out to them that they had in fact had the information requested a total of 7 seperate times. I still haven't had a reply, just spoke to some guy there who said they were sending it on to LLoyds to see what they want to do next. And the reason that they don't have a list of my charges in front of them is because they send them to lloyds who lose them. I don't think thats exactly true but who knows what goes on in there world.
  14. Thanks Michael At least now I know that I am in for the long haul. I'm just being mardy, I've been working nights and not had any sleep today and just needed a rant. Its just so frustrating that people who started claiming after me are already having their claims settled, I don't understand how they work out which order they go in. If I didn't have bad luck then I would have no luck.
  15. Now I am seriously in a pickle My husband rang the court today and they have submitted their AQ today. Now I am confused as I had amended my POC and they were to be re-issued on the 11th june and to have a defence by the 25th June. Now that they have submitted their AQ does that mean they do not have to re-defend my amended claim as previously they had defended on the basis that it was embarrasing and to vague. Do they have the option of not re-defending and letting their original defence go ahead?? If they don't defend can I apply for judgement?? Please can someo
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