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  1. Thanks for your speedy reply Slick.
  2. need some advice please. My other half has a debt with barclaycard, been running for almost 4 years. He's always paid on time, and every year a letter from them arrived to say 'due for annual review' so, as his finances improved, has upped the payment. He thought all was running ok. The debt started at £3600 and has £990 left to go. However, today he gets a call from Calder Finance, please ring back...... He has never heard of these people, but rings anyway, to be informed that they have taken over his outstanding payments from Barclaycard, and that he needs to pay the full amount ou
  3. hi Jessyireland, enron and ellie it might be a good idea to start your own threads in the lloyds forum, i don't mind you being here, but as this is in 'successess' it won't now get full site traffic, and the more people who have access to your thread can only be of benefit to yourselves. i tagged this onto the end of my letter to the court:- However, I would like to point out the the solicitors acting on behalf of the Defendant - Sechari, Clark and Mitchell - showed blatant disregard for the courts directive in respect of not providing me with the appropriate papers prior to
  4. hi RCR At this moment, lloyds have made no move to close my account. However, if they do, i opened a bog-standard basic account with Nationwide several months ago, and i suggest that you do likewise. There are steps you can take to prevent this, by way of an injuction i think, but with the scale of claims we are looking at now, i think maybe it's just not in their best interest to close accounts willy-nilly. It may be different if you are severely overdrawn or owe them large sums of money, i just dunno, i'm no expert. Sorry!!!!!! There seem to be no conditions attached,
  5. hi jazzy as i did not accept part settlement, i filed with the original amount claimed. if you have accepted partial settlement, i think i'm right in saying that this should be mentioned in your claim. You could always pm a site helper, or go into the chat room and ask, just to make sure. The settlement i mentioned in above post was from Lloyds, not Cap One. good luck with your claim. regards
  6. having rec'd settlement in full from lloyds, i now have the money to file at MCOL. Duly done !!!!!!!! thanks to lloyds i'm off on holiday in april, so i'm hoping cap one will be providing the spending money. lol Regards
  7. many thanks everyone, i've had a super week, smiling all the way to the bank!!!!!!! steven, i only got confirmation 5 days after the money went in. in fact, the money had actually been in my account for 2 days before i knew it was there. Good fortune to all who are still claiming. Best regards xxxxxxxxxxx
  8. hi gary i never did receive a copy of their papers, even though i foned before christmas and reminded them that xmas closings would affect the deadlines. And i only received notification in writing of the settlement, with no conditions by the way, 5 days AFTER the money went into my account. That made a total of 2 pieces of correspondence i rec'd from SCM during the ENTIRE claim
  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE And for some, it's already off to a great start!!!!! So let me tell you a story. I've not posted for a while as i was busy with work, christmas and goodness knows what, but now my new laptop is up and working (my steve bought it for me for christmas) i was going to sit a write a post about how disgusted i am that with only 3 days to go and i still have had no correspondence from SCM, but ...... this afternoon while clearing out the top-of-the-stairs cupboard, we came across a bag with the wallpaper in that i bought when i moved in 3 years ago. Being at a
  10. many, many thanks for your kind words of support all of you. once i got my head round it a bit, it all seemed to come together and then i put the bundle together and made not a bad job of it, in the end!!!! the fact that my printer had gone Pete Tong, and i was a day late with the papers is now irrelevant. 7 squids in photocopies at the library, and a nice 'pleading insanity' phonecall to the court got those sorted. But they are there now, can't do anything til Jan 10th, so no point stressing about it til the 9th! Will keep you updated, especially if the banks DO send me a break
  11. well, what can i say!? i've read the guidance notes, successful threads, and then more notes and now my head is swimming. i'm unsure and doubt my ability to be confident in what i say. i've practiced the logic, and it makes perfect sense to me, but what will happen in front of the judge. tongue tied. probably! the fighting spirit in me wants to say 'yes! bring it on, i'm ready' but the reality is more like 'please don't make me go in there' i've printed off the court bundle, but have i done it right? what paragraphs are relevant to me? it's so full of jargon and 'six words that
  12. quick update. am preparing court bundle to hand into court on thursday, coz just realised that due to xmas closing, my 14 days before doesn't give me a lot of time!!! regards
  13. hi kkatie i'm at exactly the same stage, only my hearing is 10th Jan. Don't panic too much, i know it's scary, but there is a 'court bundle' sticky somewhere (no good at copy and paste, sorry) and this should give u all the ammo u need to have in case u should end un in front of the judge. Likelyhood is that you'll receive settlement before then. If this info is inaccurate, i apologise in advance, and i know someone will steer u in the right direction. be strong, good luck regards
  14. Hi aurelius Welcome aboard. It doesn't really matter what address u use, personally i used the Colmore Row, B'ham address throughout. But if u send letters recorded, they have to be signed for and u can keep track of them online. Not too expensive either. good luck regards
  15. hi there welcome aboard. Unfortunately, lloyds take it all the way to the wire, so be very patient and there'll always be support here for any questions. my sugestion to you is just read as many threads as you can, that way you'll know what to expect, and many questions u may have will probably have already been answered. Good luck regards
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