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  1. Yes, you are absolutely right. I think it is a common misconception that to not bother with a solicitor in the vain hope the the police will assume you are innocent. The old adage 'innocent until proven guilty' only counts in court. In the police station it is the other way round, except they aren't so keen for you to prove you are innocent. Should things have escalated and I had been charged then I would have had a solicitor there in a flash. According to Miss xxxx (Superdrug) the police officer and the shop manager were not acting in accordance with company policy. The police officer sh
  2. Thank you lily, I did ask for the gift card to be sent to a charity of their choice, so some good will come out of it. I feel like a weight has been lifted, even though I know I didn't do it, having other people think I did is worse I think. Never mind...all done now and I can heave a sigh of relief lol.
  3. Good morning all! Firstly I would like to thank all of you for your advice, help and kind words. Without this wonderful forum I wouldn't have got the result I wanted...yes, Superdrug apologised. They held a thorough investigation and have now put down the whole sordid debacle down to over vigilance of the store manager. I was offered a £30.00 gift card but have refused it as I got what I wanted with the all clear and apology. None of this would have been possible without you guys, so thank you so much! I will keep popping in regularly and who knows...maybe I can help someone in turn
  4. Thank you Lily. I am seriously hoping it doesn't go as far as a mud slinging match. Rob Dean has been in his job a long time so I'm hoping he knows what's what.
  5. Lol no Honey, I sent emails to Mrs Wat, not a department. She is MD. She is passing me on to Robert Dean who is Head of Stores Operations. Mrs W says 'Rob, my colleague is very experienced and he will follow up.'
  6. So it's D-day. I said that I would give it 'til today before telling my tale of woe to anyone who would listen (or read as the case may be) if I didn't hear back from Superdrug's MD. I got an email today! From MRS Joey Wat. Oops...that will teach me not to Google. She is passing my case on to her Customer Service Team and the reason she didn't answer sooner is because her and her family have been on holiday. Shame on me for sending a second email today warning that I was going to talk to someone who WOULD listen. In fact I am half way through an email to the Daily Mail. I have emailed he
  7. Grumpy, I have emailed the MD with my complaint. If he doesn't answer me back by Thursday then I will go further. I state again that I do not want compensation, I want an apology, nothing more, nothing less. I will escalate it if I don't get a response. I am allowing them 2 days to look through the day and a half of CCTV footage and then giving them another day to put together my letter of apology. But all things considered, it took a week for the police to get to my door with the information given to them by Superdrug HQ security. At the most it should have been 2 or 3 days. So I don't
  8. Hi Jackie/Wayne I do see your (and Caleds) point but I would be more than satisfied with an apology. I haven't a clue about the ringmaster scheme but I am not bothered about it. If the rest of the shops want to keep an eye on me shopping then that is fine...it stops any further mistakes from taking place. Your situation is much worse than mine and I feel terrible for you. I sincerely hope that you get your name cleared and get to put the whole nasty experience behind you.
  9. How awful for you to go through something as harrowing as that. I can't even begin to imagine how you feel and wish you all the best of luck for next week. I appreciate what you are saying about compensation but it doesn't sit well with me. Superdrug shareholders have lost enough money with people stealing from them without me trying to get money for nothing. The 'nothing' being that fact that I have incurred no expense at all and no amount of money will wipe away the last week or exonerate me. All it would mark me as is a greedy opportunist, wanting something for nothing. Or maybe no o
  10. Oh good lord I don't want any money from them, Caled! I just want my name cleared and not to be humiliated with a ban if I walk in the store...if.... I have sent a basic account of what happened and how it has affected me to the MD. I didn't use any threats or anything heavy as I want to give them a fair chance to set things straight...which is more than I got. Should I not get an email back by Thursday I will post on Facebook, Twitter and send an account of what happened to every tabloid that I can. More than likely they won't be interested but I will still do it. Should anyone be
  11. Having seen the footage I can only agree with you. I am thoroughly put out that he had to know every detail about me but didn't have much to go on from the store. I thought an investigation would be a two way street. He did intimate, on the day he showed me the footage, that it was of such unclear quality that he doubted it would go any further. Having said that he also gave the impression he was going to try his best to ensure it did. One question...how did you know about my invisible friend?
  12. It's a relatively small store and there isn't anywhere but the makeup aisle to display that amount of items. I have just this minute got off the phone from my friend and she remembered an incident of a cleaner stealing from the same store. Apparently, the CCTV was turned off at night and put back on at opening time enabling the cleaner to make off with goods. I do wish that stores would have much better security systems in place to avoid situations like this. The loss they must suffer each year must be phenomenal, no wonder the price of some items are ridiculous. Perhaps I should be
  13. Hahaha! A very valid point. It's not as if I spent a couple of pound. I spent nearly £40. Seems pointless if I was allegedly stealing over £300 worth of make-up, especially as most of my purchases were make-up!
  14. Hi Grumpy (lol), I am assuming that Superdrug didn't check the whole footage in Monday am/Tuesday am timeline. I was in there at 11am on the Monday, by that stage they would have watched approximately 2 hours worth of footage. I got bored of watching after only 20 minutes of a potential 40 minutes video footage so up to about 11 hours would be a torture (even though I would be more than willing to watch it right now!). It is all a bit convenient for my taste. In the letter to the MD I never once threatened or gave a hint that I would take it further, allowing him a chance to redeem t
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