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  1. Thanks for info, Going to SAR them me thinks. Yes the rejection was verbal and then out the blue the card was received. I never knew about this and have no issue in paying back what was owed but 434 pounds is a bit excessive
  2. She applied sept 2009 over the phone, was rejected then received it through the post. The limit was originally £100 but now she owes 434.85. There is no MAY, IF, COULD in the letter. Wont be able to scan the letter till sat, as have no scaaner and would have to use the librarys. I also found an old letter she hid fom 1st credit which offered a discount of 50%. I never knew about all this and it just seems odd!
  3. Hey there I'm new to all this, so I hope this is in the right forum. My wife received a letter today from Colemans ctts regarding an unpaid credit card she had from Vanquis. It States that it is a LETTER BEFORE CLAIM, PRE - ACTION PROTOCOL, CIVIL PROCEDURES RULES - PRACTICE DIRECTION. It also references in the letter IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PRACTICE DIRECTION - PRE-ACTION CONDUCT. Does this mean she is being taken to court? Also she tells me she applied for the card, was refused and then was sent it through the post. Could this be possible? If so she wont have signed a contract, Is this debt enforcable? Any help would be great
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