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  1. The original claimant (York St John University) wont deal with me. They passed the debt on to Incasso (???). Is it worth getting in touch with them. They filed at Northampton in August 2011 & my address quoted is wrong for that time. Never heard of them, had any correspondence from them nor any court papers. Been proactive this w/end though as have discussed the matter of all the debts I've discovered with Payplan & put together every scrap of info & an SOA together. Now on with a Variation Order and stay of execution. Also, is it worth informing Marstons bailiff that we wont
  2. Regarding the other 2 CCJs I discovered, am I correct in thinking that my best move is to contact the court that dealt with them, find outwho the creditors are and then deal with them directly. Would they pass my address on to yet more bailiffs? After tonights drama if I get any more bailiffs at my door I'm terrified I'll be a single parent by Xmas.
  3. Well that was horrible. My O/H seems to think that the bailiffs can legally just break the door down & clear us out. Tried to explain that this is not the case. He admitted that he phoned the bailiffs this morning (I had no idea) and, whilst they would not discuss the debt with a third party, they implied that they had a legal piece of paper to enter (sic). Of course, this has freaked O/H out as he's concerned that he will be at work & our young son will be in the house when they turn up. Showed him this site and the statement on CAB site about not having to let them in. He's gone to b
  4. Just fired an e-mail off to the Head Of Finance at the University (possible claimant). Requested a meeting asap (but I'm going to pay a visit tomorrow anyway). Would prefer to make an arrangement with them and hope they can call off the dogs (i.e Marstons). CAB here is closed Fridays. Right...definately off to bed now.
  5. I have no intention of letting him through the door. I've picked up that much knowledge at least. LOL! I'll find the other paperwork first thing & check the details. It must be the right one as the other two CCJs I've just found out about are for much, much lower amounts. Am going to try & relax & get some sleep now. Thank you Plodderton. X
  6. I'll have to go dig around downstairs & find the two pieces of paper he gave me at the (closed) door and let you know. CAB also has copies in a file. Going to check if they are open on Fri mornings. Sorry if I'm getting beyond myself. I don't usually panic like this but it's been a long day.
  7. Right.....deep breaths! Two possible options. 1) Pay them in instalments.....but at a painfully small & slow rate. But are the bailiffs going to go for that? Or 2) My partner has a DMP with PayPlan. Been steadily paying things off for ages and is due to have everything settled by March 2013. He wonders if we should/could add these on & just continue paying the monthly amount. Or are we just grasping at straws here? Hope I'm making sense. P.S Still unsure that I actually owe £2,583.10 but making some form of payment may give me breathing space to look into exactly what's going on.
  8. UH OH! Found another 2 CCJs from 2008. Haven't a clue what they are for. I could cry now.
  9. Thanks for the heads up re: Noddle. I've found a judgement (Northampton court) dated 09/08/2011 at an address I'd already left at that point but the amount stated is £1000 less than the bailiffs are demanding. I assume this means it's not statute barred then.
  10. It is a debt for rent arrears in student accomodation arranged through the uni. Not the same thing as student loan......I think.
  11. Thing is I don't believe I owe this debt or even if I do it has been grossly inflated. Plus I left student digs over 6 years ago. The property I live in was rented by my partner before I moved here. There is nothing in the house that is mine anyway. Our little boy is disabled and I'm on long term medication for a debilitating illness. Strong minded as I am I really don't need the stress of all this so I really do appreciate you taking the time to advise.
  12. This execution has not been settled and we now write to give you fair warning that our Officers will attend at your premises with REMOVAL CONTRACTORS on the 31/10/2012. The purpose of this visit is to seize and remove sufficient of your goods to satisfy the writ. Talks about having a representative & contacting them in 2nd paragraph. We have previously advised you that the effect of the writ we hold is to bind your property in your hands from the time the writ is lodged until it is withdrawn (schedule 7 section 8 (1) of the court acts 2003). Section 9 places a duty on us to seize
  13. Just got a letter through the door from Marstons. They'll be here in six days to 'seize and remove'. I had dealings with these people a few months ago, went to CAB and fired off a letter of statute. The alleged debt is some student rent arrears that I had no clue about until the bailiff turned up at my door. Thing is, I left student digs just before Xmas 2005 (hence the statute letter). The advisor at CAB seemed confused as the paperwork the bailiff gave me was incomplete (sic) so I hadn't been properly served. As I was in a bit of a panic at that time I wasn't sure what that meant but
  14. I admit that I have snaffled a few freebie toilet rolls when times have been really rough. 1 roll per person per week in this house is a joke. My 5yr old is still in the 'shove the whole roll down the loo' stage.
  15. Thank you sillygirl1. I was just about to delete that last post as I've now placed it in (what I hope) is a more appropriate area. Can't believe they quoted such an old address. LOL!
  16. Sanity? What's sanity? Hey, don't you all be going 'normal' on me now. I only joined CAG because I thought me and my imaginary friends would be safe here.
  17. Okay! The first letter I received comes from a company called Willen Collections. It mentions they are 'trying to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter.' The previous address they quote is four and a half years ago. They also 'very kindly' offer apologies if I am not the person named above. I have no idea what it is about so, after doing a bit of research on the company, I have decided to ignore. Would you agree? The second letter is from Buchanan, Clark and Wells. Again they state they are attempting to contact me on a 'personal matter' and they go further in saying
  18. Thanks for the welcomes, advice and offers of help. I'll be putting together a more comprehensive post soon. Hopefully my 'debt' issues shouldn't take too much sorting (ever the optimist) out but it's good to know there's support out there.
  19. Recently I seem to have been inundated by (alleged) debts via letters, phone calls even some dodgy bloke at the door. I was checking out a strange phone number via the internet and found a thread on debt collection agencies and their dubious (and illegal) practices. It was hilarious and scary at the same time. It also mentioned CAG so I decided to join up. Glad I did. After browsing just a tiny amount of the site I feel empowered already.
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