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  1. I think you would have needed to raise the matter at the time with the bank in order to have redress from them. Problem is that the agreement is signed now and the three months redundancy, although not unusual in banking, is more than the statutory requirement. The time you were given was unreasonable, but the bank would probably have given you an extension if you had requested it in May, as banks generally (but not always) don't like to go against ACAS guidelines, regardless of whether or not they are legally enforceable, but I think unfortunately its too late now. In terms of the sol
  2. I would suggest that you suggest that someone else should attend as note-taker, explain briefly why you don't want that person to (you don't need to go into detail about the nature of the conflict, just maybe say you have had conflict with the person and don't feel that they would be neutral). Make clear that you are willing to attend the meeting with a neutral note-take, but don't go if they insist on this person being note-taker. Make it clear that you're off with stress and that a meeting with this person would be more stressful, unnecessarily so.
  3. Ok, finally can address the question you posted yesterday, hopefully my post won't be deleted for disagreeing with a moderator! I think you've done the right thing, I think and hope that they are just chancing their arm, I would advise just to wait and see what they come back with. The onus is on them to respond now, and if they do proceed they should write you a formal letter before raising their claim.
  4. None of my posts were irrelevant, they were correcting a misleading post you made and responding to you follow up posts where you talked about 'irrelevant debates', 'splitting hairs' and 'giving genuine help elsewhere'. You made overly negative posts in relation to the OP's case, which can have the effect of knocking their confidence. I don't know if this was deliberate or not, but please consider the OP when posting - it is a problem on the site and is bad for users. Your approach is no way to deal with criticism or to engage in an argument which you are losing. Don't remove any more
  5. My aim is to help the OP, and ensuring that information posted is important, not 'irrelevant material'. Also, it is very important not to be overly negative when posting on this forum as it can have the effect of knocking the OP's confidence. Remember, people come here for support and advice, not to be put down or given the impression that they have less options than they do in reality.
  6. On talking to staff who are off ill, its reasonable to contact them, as long as the employer does so in a reasonable way. Top concern is the employee's health. On the note taker, I didn't think the issue was having a note taker present, more that the OP was unhappy with the choice of note taker given their history.
  7. I would suggest waiting at the moment until the results of the test come through. Hopefully you'll get the all clear, but you'll be able to quantify any losses better at that point. Psychological injuries are harder to quantify (in general, damages for work related stress are pretty woeful in relation to the injury suffered) and damages for potential psychological harm from returning to your work more difficult still. But damages for the difference between SSP and your normal pay are easier to calculate, although foreseeability and causation need to be looked at too. When are you due t
  8. Hi, sorry to hear about your experience, it must have been very traumatic. What is your situation at the moment - are you waiting for the results of the test? Are you off work, and if so, are you receiving full wages or SSP?
  9. Thanks for your reply. I would recommend finding out exactly what the meeting will involve and who will be there. Ask in writing if you can have an outline of what will be discussed. For your girlfriend, I would say to make a note of everything she wants to discuss at the meeting - if she can remember dates where she's raised concerns about stress previously, try and jot these down (you don't necessarily have to rhyme off a list of dates at the meeting, but it will help to prepare previously, so that she can see how many times the issue has been raised and what the manager's re
  10. Hi, what's the route cause of the stress, is it bullying, overwork, etc.? Your girlfriend's manager needs some training in order to do his job properly.
  11. Good response, they're probably just trying their luck, just make sure that you clearly dispute any liability in any other correspondence you have with them.
  12. 1) It is relevant because you said "Remember they can dismiss WITHOUT REASON as OP has less than 2 years service". This is the common misconception I referred to. 2) Yes, you did.
  13. Its a common misconception that an employer can dismiss without reason if an employee has less than two year's service. In fact, certain areas such as discrimination are protected and don't fall within the two year rule. I would never recommend going to an investigation or disciplinary and grovelling, its bad for self-respect and is counter-productive - if the investigation is an honest one and the OP goes in grovelling and taking blame for thins which aren't his fault, he will be left without a leg to stand on if he then tries to argue his case or if the investigation goes against him
  14. Not really, depends on how one defines 'raising issues' and 'arguments'.
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