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  1. I got duped into this - a PPI company bombarded me with requests to get my money back, I told them I was in a dmp with the companies but they said it didnt matter. Said I didnt know what my account numbers were anymore, they said they would find them. I told them one loan was with Alliance & Leicester but I didnt know the account or when the loan was taken out. They could sort it!!!!!! Yes they did - got me back over £3500 which Santander kept to offset what I owed them - ok that was fair enough - but the PPI company then slapped me with a bill for £1400 - which of course I didnt have - so ontop of the debts I had - I now had another one for £1400. I told them I couldnt pay it and that I told them I was in a dmp so they agreed to £50 per month to pay it off - £50 I havent really got.
  2. you must have applied for a loan through some website and given them your card details - they take the money and then give you some loan companies to try - massive [problem]!!!! I managed to get money back from one of them by going to their refunds department.
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