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  1. Sorry guys but I dont know what's happened to my post above.....looks very messy! Sorry
  2. Hi guys.. ..For ages I have been getting excellent advise from this forum, but this is my first time posting on here. I just wanted to share my dealings with Cash Genie. After finding this page, I finally had to guts to do something about it rather than just letting Cash Genie rip me off every month! I stupidly applied for a loan of £200 originally in December...just some extra cash for Christmas. I had received the sameT&C's as posted on here. So i assumed that Cash Genie will take the £60 interest first and the next month £200 to recover the full amount borrowed. however this was not the case and Cash Genie had infact withdrawn £60 every month since December! After seeing a few posts on this thread I took action, I emailed the customer services department the following Dear Cash Genie, I would like to make a formal complaint on the basis that you are in breach of your customer charter and therefore in breach of CPUTR 2008. I would ask to be refunded the extra £280 that you have unlawfully withdrawn from my account since January 2013 of £60 amounts, when my original loan was £200 + £60 interest. Clearly stating in your terms and conditions that first payment of £60 will leave my account and the second payment of £200 to pay the balance in full. I withdraw your authority to take regular payments from my bank account .Please note that I will only discuss this via email. I will not call any number or wish to be bullied by your collections department. Under no circumstances do I give you permission to call my work or send letters to my home address. I do not wish to be contacted on my mobile phone number either by text or phone call. If you do constantly text or call me this will be seen as harassment and a log of all the calls and texts will be sent to the OFCOM a nd the OFT which means you will be liable to a substantial fine. As it would put you in breach of section 40 of the Administration of justice act 1970 and the protection from harassment act 1997 and also the communications act (2003) s.197 Any calls from your company will be recorded. I hope that you will be able to resolve my problem quick. I look forward to hearing back from you shortly. I got a reply the next day from a guy named Paul Geary Dear Ms XXXX, Many thanks for your email below and for raising the details within relation to the collection of the interest each month. I have reviewed your loan agreement and can agree that you have paid the interest each month with no capital being collected, our system shows that we had attempted to collect the funds from you in order to clear in full but they were not available. I am investigating this further to understand if there were any issues which meant that only the interest was successful and not the capital but in the mean time I can agree to refund the over payment Please can you provide me with the following information to ensure the refund is processed correctly. Bank Account Number:Sort Code: Upon receipt of the above information, the refund will be processed as soon as possible. If you wish to discuss direct with myself then please do not hesitate to call me. Kind Regards Paul My response :Dear Paul, Thank you for your email response. I can assure you that full funds were never processed to be collected from my account as I have spoken to my bank manager regarding this matter. The only amounts that kept being withdrawn were the interest payments. I would accept a refund, please find below my account number and sort code: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXI look forward to receiving the funds in my account shortly. Should I have any problems I will contact you directly. I then got 9 separate emails from Cash Genie the next day saying my account had been cancelled - I'm assuming 9 = 9 months they have kept rolling over the loan without my consent and without contacting me! So i then emailed Paul again Dear Paul, Please note that I have received a few emails from Cash Genie stating my account has been cancelled which I am happy about, however I still don’t appear to have received a refund on my account? Please could you advise me on when I will receive these funds. I got this response: Hi, The funds will be with you within the next few hours, if you have not received the funds by 11 please come back to me. Paul So I am not checking my bank account every 30mins- 1 hour to receive my funds back! I will let you know what happens. Thanks guys for the greats responses you posted on this thread.. .they helped me alot when contacting Cash Genie
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