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  1. thanks, I have rung and emailed the company and they are refusing any refund, they have pointed out that in the small print of the T&Cs it does explain you need a credit card in the name of the lead driver, however this isn't stated before booking and hidden well after, the pages you are required to print off do not make it clear I will try my bank tomorrow
  2. I hired a car to be collected from Geneva airport, I paid with a Visa Debit card and paid for full insurance, which cost me £200 in total. When I tried to collect the car they asked for a credit card in my name, I don't have a credit card , the paperwork I had printed stated 'Credit card Mastercard or Visa' I read that as Visa would be acceptable but I was wrong. I rang the company with no joy so told them on the phone and backed up with an email that I would not be collecting the car. They are refusing to give me any refund, I had to hire another car at the airport which cost me £400! Is there anything I can do?
  3. Holiday insurance don't cover for stress related illness
  4. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Money is not important to me but will be for my friend how much will we lose
  5. thank youI'll read these in more detail now, briefly though does this mean I have to cancel through the insurance policy? and will I still be liable for the costs to Travel republic regardless?G
  6. My friend booked a holiday for us both 4 days ago with Travel Republic, I did know she was doing it although felt very pushed into doing so, she felt it would be good for me as I've had a really bad time this year, she paid for the holiday on a credit card and I'm to pay her back my half, this morning I've had a major panic attack so bad that I have had to miss work, I can't go, what do I do?
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