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  1. Thanks Bankfodder, First up I am not happy with the amount calculated. I have paid for every drop of water that has passed through the meter and this has served two properties. I am going to reply to YW by email again informing them I don't agree with the calculation of refund and also request information as to how they have calculated the interest. I will also inform them I have referred this to the consumer council for water and they are looking into this for me. As for the meter, I am going to get an independent quotation for the cost of doing the work and I am also go
  2. Update. Following Bankfodders advice on the 18th September, I wrote to YW and refused their offer of the refund on the grounds that I don't believe that it has been calculated correctly. I included in the letter my calculations (using the spreadsheet from this site) to the refund that I wanted and gave them 14 days to pay it. Today I received the email below and have a few questions that I hope you people can help answer My main questions that I need help with are : A: Does the fact that I have requested 8% interest mean that YW are required to deduct income tax f
  3. Hi BankFodder, Firstly apologies for being late in replying, work and family life have been absolutely mental. I shall try to answer / comment on your points above to try and fill in the gaps The meter was fitted on a dual supply approximately 13 years ago. To date I have paid £5569.53 for the water that has passed through the meter and served both properties. they have offered me a refund, which I refused as it was for around 1900 they have also offered to put me on to an assessment charge rather than proper metered supply, I would prefer to have a me
  4. Thanks Bankfodder if im honest ive not ever thought of recording my calls , or how i would I await your thoughts thanks Tom
  5. So , after sending a letter refusing to accept the refund that was offered i received a phone call yesterday and an email that sums up the conversation i had. I have copied this below. Good morning Mr Thank you for your email received on 16 August 2019.I’m sorry you disagree with our calculations and felt that my colleague didn’t listen to you. I understand you don’t want us to make any accountadjustment or accept our proposed solution, until we look at everything again for you.We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality services, so I’ll do all I can to he
  6. thanks Bank, thats what i thought although she says in the letter that they calculate interest at £47.18 not sure how. enjoy your holiday !! and i will contact them thanking them for the advance payment but in no way do i accept this as full and final agreement. meanwhile i will try to work out what i have paid when to try and work out the interest. cheers tom
  7. Hi, Just an update as today i have received a letter from YW and also my SAR documents came whilst i was away last week. Firstly the SAR documents dont actually have a piece that i would expect that is like a statement (table kind of thing) showing the dates we have made payments by direct debit. The only place i can see these are on some really bad copies of paper statements / bills that would also have been posted. Can i request this from them. Further to this i have today received a letter saying the below " Dear Mr ...
  8. thanks Ericsbro I realise the problem is that i have been (still am) paying for next doors water as well as my own. I last spoke with YW last week, the lady asked me what i thought of the refund that was calculated (show earlier in thread). I told her this was unacceptable and at the very least we should look at paying me at least 50% of what i have paid. I was told that this can't be done due to the fact that when the meter was fitted (2006) if they had known or realised it was a dual feed then i would have been billed on the estimated usage. They are not willing to put a new con
  9. mine just said "Under the new GDPR regime, you must satisfy this data disclosure request as soon as possible " oops might have accidently deleted a bit too much
  10. Just to update, I received a letter from YW that says "The Yorkshire Water Service Ltd Data Protection Team acknowledges your request on 19/07/2019 to access your personal data under the Data Protection Act 2018. We will be in touch with you within one calendar month. Yours Sincerely Data Protection Team" is this letter acceptable ? i thought that GDPR said it had to be dealt with ASAP thanks Tom
  11. Thanks Ericsbro I'm not sure what you mean by disengage the properties, i don't really want to agree anything with YW without understanding it and i',m also going to see what the SAR says first. cheers T
  12. thanks for that DX100uk ill use that spreadsheet when i get the information from the SAR thanks T
  13. I think i am going to wait for the SAR and then i can see when we made the monthly payments and then take the interest from that date. and then of course i will ask what they are prepared to offer for compensation for the hassle and time i have spent on this. Then of course i need to decide what we would want going forward, personally with the derisory offer that they have made i feel like insisting that i stay on a meter and that they make a new supply to my neighbours from the front and then disconnect mine from the back. But i have not totally decided on this yet. personally i c
  14. Hi Bankfodder i have worked out the interest at 8% on 50% of the payments i have made, but for ease i worked out the 8% from the end of each financial year. these are as follows Actual Charge for 2 properties divided by 2 annual interest on amount owed (8%) daily interest number of days funds are owed total interest £114.40 £9.15 £0.03 3651.00 £91.54 £302.20 £24.18 £0.07 3286.00
  15. i was informed by a representative of YW that it was another company who did it on their behalf, next door have been in there for a lot longer than we have. as far as i am aware the meter was fitted in 2006
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