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  1. thanks Bank, thats what i thought although she says in the letter that they calculate interest at £47.18 not sure how. enjoy your holiday !! and i will contact them thanking them for the advance payment but in no way do i accept this as full and final agreement. meanwhile i will try to work out what i have paid when to try and work out the interest. cheers tom
  2. Hi, Just an update as today i have received a letter from YW and also my SAR documents came whilst i was away last week. Firstly the SAR documents dont actually have a piece that i would expect that is like a statement (table kind of thing) showing the dates we have made payments by direct debit. The only place i can see these are on some really bad copies of paper statements / bills that would also have been posted. Can i request this from them. Further to this i have today received a letter saying the below " Dear Mr ........... Thankyou for speaking with me on 24th July 2019. I'm sorry we've charged you for the water your neighbours have used. I fully appreciate how frustrated you must feel, epsecially when you've been overpaying for 11 years. By way of apology for billing you incorrectly, i've credited your account with £220.00. As we're no longer charging you on the meter that records the water you and your neighbour use and we can't fit a meter anywhere else, we're now billing you on an assessed charge. This is a fixed charge for homes which can't be metered. I've worked out what you would have paid based on our assessed charge. We owe you £1990.31 for what you've overpaid on the meter and an additional £47.18 for the interest. You'll receive a refund of £2257.49 in your bank within 5-7 working days. I'll keep an eye on your account until 27th August in case you have any further questions. If you'd like to talk to me, please call me on 01274 318013 Yours Sincerley." When i last spoke to YW on the 27th July i did tell them that i do not agree with the way in which the refund has been calcualated and that also i am not waanting to go on an assessed charge. what should i do next. thanks Tom
  3. thanks Ericsbro I realise the problem is that i have been (still am) paying for next doors water as well as my own. I last spoke with YW last week, the lady asked me what i thought of the refund that was calculated (show earlier in thread). I told her this was unacceptable and at the very least we should look at paying me at least 50% of what i have paid. I was told that this can't be done due to the fact that when the meter was fitted (2006) if they had known or realised it was a dual feed then i would have been billed on the estimated usage. They are not willing to put a new connection into next door and are insisting on me going onto the estimated usage billing system for the future. The annoying thing for me is that from the figures she has given me and roughly assuming that we have used 50% of the water that has gone through the meter then i will end up paying more for the estimated usage than i would for a meter serving just my property. ill update you when i hear more or get my SAR information cheers T
  4. mine just said "Under the new GDPR regime, you must satisfy this data disclosure request as soon as possible " oops might have accidently deleted a bit too much
  5. Just to update, I received a letter from YW that says "The Yorkshire Water Service Ltd Data Protection Team acknowledges your request on 19/07/2019 to access your personal data under the Data Protection Act 2018. We will be in touch with you within one calendar month. Yours Sincerely Data Protection Team" is this letter acceptable ? i thought that GDPR said it had to be dealt with ASAP thanks Tom
  6. Thanks Ericsbro I'm not sure what you mean by disengage the properties, i don't really want to agree anything with YW without understanding it and i',m also going to see what the SAR says first. cheers T
  7. thanks for that DX100uk ill use that spreadsheet when i get the information from the SAR thanks T
  8. I think i am going to wait for the SAR and then i can see when we made the monthly payments and then take the interest from that date. and then of course i will ask what they are prepared to offer for compensation for the hassle and time i have spent on this. Then of course i need to decide what we would want going forward, personally with the derisory offer that they have made i feel like insisting that i stay on a meter and that they make a new supply to my neighbours from the front and then disconnect mine from the back. But i have not totally decided on this yet. personally i can't see them agreeing to this as there literature states that "If your water company cannot fit a meter, you may benefit from an assessed charge" can i check , do the figures i have calculated above look correct for the interest @ 8%
  9. Hi Bankfodder i have worked out the interest at 8% on 50% of the payments i have made, but for ease i worked out the 8% from the end of each financial year. these are as follows Actual Charge for 2 properties divided by 2 annual interest on amount owed (8%) daily interest number of days funds are owed total interest £114.40 £9.15 £0.03 3651.00 £91.54 £302.20 £24.18 £0.07 3286.00 £217.65 £265.51 £21.24 £0.06 2921.00 £169.98 £215.26 £17.22 £0.05 2555.00 £120.54 £229.52 £18.36 £0.05 2190.00 £110.17 £248.09 £19.85 £0.05 1825.00 £99.23 £264.23 £21.14 £0.06 1460.00 £84.55 £256.48 £20.52 £0.06 1094.00 £61.50 £315.19 £25.21 £0.07 729.00 £50.36 £264.41 £21.15 £0.06 364.00 £21.09 £226.84 £18.15 £0.05 -1.00 -£0.05 £2,702.09 £1,026.57 Total 50% of charged usage plus interest at 8% for each year owed £3,728.66
  10. i was informed by a representative of YW that it was another company who did it on their behalf, next door have been in there for a lot longer than we have. as far as i am aware the meter was fitted in 2006
  11. its a 1930's semi so i doubt it will have been the development company
  12. Hi I have just been round quickly and my neighbour grabbed an old statement from 2018 that showed a payment of £56.30 she says that is a monthly payment. She couldnt find a water bill. My quick calculations show that for last year alone YW received £1129.27 from both our properties yet only £453.67 worth of water was used. I asked if she would be willing to send a SAR as she too could be due a refund and she said she doesnt have a printer. I told her I will print her one out and would she be kind enough to sign it and post it off. It seems to me YW are raking it in from us 2 properties alone and it does make me wonder how many others could be the same as me.
  13. Hi Yes in effect I have been paying for my and my neighbours water usage for the last 11 years, this is due to the meter recording the water that has gone through it and the supply being a dual supply that serves out properties and my neighbours. My neighbour has informed me that they pay for their water monthly and this is based on the rateable value of their property. To date i have paid 5404.18 and YW have told me the refund will be 1990.31 which is including an amount that i am currently in credit. At the minute i think would like to continue using a meter rather than pay by an assessed charge. this is because if i were to simply divide the amounts i have paid by 2 (i know the water usage and meter reading may not strictly be 50/50) the figures that i arrive at is less than the assessed charges for each year. I will try to speak to the neighbours on sunday and find out how much they pay and whether they would be willing to do a SAR as i am away overnight tomorrow. thanks again for your help. oerdering a recording device on sunday too
  14. Hi Bankfodder apologies i thought i had replied to the points above. I am friendly with my neighbours and they do know a bit about the issue as it only came to light when i accidently knocked off there water when i knocked off my own. It was at this point that i discovered the issue with the meter. As i can gather my neighbours are paying for their water on rateable value. I really appreciate the help you are giving me on this and will not mention that i have sent a SAR. I have ignored the phonecall from them today as i dont see the point in speaking to them until i have the SAR things. i should be able to get online more this evening and if ok will try to send you a direct message thanks T
  15. Hi Bankfodder Thanks for the replies above. I posted the SAR yesterday The meter was installed in 2006 and was already in place when we moved in in 2008. i have looked at the OFWAT website and it doesn't really go into too much detail about meters just that large families may pay more and single people may well pay less. https://www.ofwat.gov.uk/households/your-water-bill/metering/#rv it does however go on to say that if a meter cannot be be installed then the company should offer an assessed charge. I received a phone today call from YW but because i was busy she said she would call me back tomorrow. I've looked through the literature from YW website you posted above and it only states that "If you take up our Domestic Meter Option, you may revert to rateable value billing if you contact us within 2 years of the meter being fitted. You will be responsible for the meter charges up until the time we receive your request." I think tomorrow i am going to ask the question as to why they deam that i should pay 65% of the total water that has gone through the meter when this meter has been serving two properties. I am also considering saying that i have noticed that the Assessed charges actually work out more than 50% of the charges for the meter so i would like to stay on the meter as this will work out cheaper for me. Should I also inform her that i have posted the SAR ?? i will keep you posted on tomorrows conversation. thanks again for all your help T
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