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  1. Will give it a go thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies, Yeah they were both ccjs and after i did not appear in court i took the blame for both of them, Stupid mistake really. I have tried to contact the court about both of the cases and they have told me that they do not deal with them and that i would have to go back to the DCA for a certificate of satisfaction. I have done this in both cases and the DCA only send out a certificate of payment with no case numbers attached. After contacting Registry Trust i was told a letter or certificate was no good unless it quoted the court case numbers.
  3. I have recently started paying off my debts and noticed on my credit report that i have had two ccjs. After paying around 90% of the debt off i would like to know how to get the ccjs marked as satisfied on my credit report. The first two debts i paid were the ones marked as ccjs and the DCA marked my report with satidfied on both accounts but the ccjs remain unchanged. Any info on how to get this sorted would be great, hope i have explained myself correctly
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