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  1. Hi, my partner is a sole trader and recently took another business (a limited company) to court via the small claims track. The court awarded in his favour; with costs the amount this business owes him is £550. I would be grateful for any advice as to the best way to enforce this judgement please as the other company appear to have no intention of paying. Thank you.
  2. Thanks squaddie. I've read the mackenzie friend link but still not sure whether to name myself as a witness on the form. I was already aware that normally the case would be transferred to the defendant's local court. That was why I asked the question as to whether the reason I outlined would be sufficient reason to ask for it to be heard at our local court. Nothing has been exchanged yet. We did not accept the defendant's part admission and received the AQ this week. I just don't know whether it's appropriate to include copies of letters I sent to the defendant as proof of trying to
  3. We have now received the allocation questionnaire, and I have a couple of questions. 1. I understand that if it goes to a hearing, only my partner as the claimant and the defendant will be allowed to be present. However we both think that it would be better for me to be there-I am the person that has dealt with this from day 1; I have written the letters, filled in the forms and I was there when the salesman came to persuade him to sign up to the agreement. We both agree that I am the more articulate of us. Should I put myself down as a witness? 2. Location of hearing. is it a good e
  4. Thank you all for your very helpful replies. The link steampowered sent re the guide to small claims is really useful. I've posted the form back saying that we do not accept the part admission, the next step is presumably filling in the allocation questionnaire (unless by some miracle the money gets repaid in the meantime, which I very much doubt!)
  5. I agree, but the local Trading Standards office had phoned me to ask permission to forward my details to Blackpool Trading Standards where ACH are based because apparently they have had numerous complaints against this Company. I wouldn't class that as hearsay,I would class it as relevant supporting evidence. The reason for my question was since Trading Standards would prefer I didn't mention their involvement, is this the type of information a judge would be aware of if some background research was done as part of assessing a case, or does his/her decision rest solely on the information given
  6. Thanks, I wasn't sure of the best place to post this originally!
  7. Thanks for your reply. ACH seem to be a legit company; they advertise in glossy magazines and on local radio and several respectable companies have sponsored links on their website. I've done a bit of digging and the MD is the sole director. I don't suppose you know whether when a small claim is reviewed by a judge does he/she only take into consideration information provided on the form, or is any background info gathered in any way e.g. research into the company (such as dealings with Trading Standards that might be relevant but we've been told not to use?)
  8. Hi, apologies in advance for a long post. My partner is a butcher and owns his shop as a sole trader. Last August we were approached by a representative of a company called Approved Care Homes, who were supposed to be an umbrella organisation for care homes.They pitched us a very convincing hard sell to become an Approved Supplier of meat to local care homes allegedly part of their organisation.It seemed a really good deal and a payment was made at the end of August 2012 for £380 + VAT for a 12 month contract on the understanding that his business would become the Approved Supplier,i.e
  9. I am pleased to say that I have had a result! I had an unexpected phone call yesterday from the manager of GLS who was not pleased to have seen my posts, and was understandably concerned about the negative effects of this on his business. He told me that apparently the guarantee had been applied for to CIGA together with payment on 1st June 2012, their cheque had been cashed, but CIGA for some reason had no record of me on their system. So it appears that the fault lies with CIGA, not GLS. That doesn't detract from the fact it took 14 months and numerous increasingly frustrated phone calls fr
  10. Thanks both for all your help. I know I have proof that the work has been done but assume that when I put my house on the market any potential buyers would want a guarantee. I'll certainly keep hassling them.
  11. Thanks for replying, the website has been"under construction"all the time I have been dealing with them. I did get a receipt for payment. The only other correspondence I've received is a letter dated December 2011 apologising for the delay, as I mentioned earlier.The manager, a guy called Andy Evans who I dealt with initially was very helpful, but the last few times I've called I can't get past the receptionist who keeps assuring me it'll be "applied for when we send the next batch off". The last time I spoke to her in June she assured me the guarantee had been applied for from CIGA and would
  12. The company is called Greener Living Solutions, based in Mold, North Wales. As I said in my post, they are CIGA approved. I've done a quick check on the Companies House website and they are still trading. I don't think it was part of a local council scheme but it was sold to me as a discounted deal. I paid £150, my house is a 4 bed detached property.
  13. Hi, this is my first post, not sure if I'm posting in the right section? I had cavity wall insulation done on my house in April 2011, after signing up following a cold call at my door from a very persuasive salesman (I know, mistake no.1). The work was completed ok so far as I know, but since then I have been unable to get any paperwork or the promised 25 year guarantee from the installers. The company is registered with CIGA as an approved installer. I have contacted the company on numerous occasions, to be told that my property will be included in the next batch of applications to CIGA,
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