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  1. I also got one this morning and am on a repayment plan. The return header when you look at teh source isenovaintl.50984@envfrm.rsys5.comSo I have emailed the company seperately telling them and hopefully if they get enough reports they may be able to get it sorted. Have given them my reference so they know Im a legitimate if not in a poor financial situation person.
  2. LS have now sent me revised payment plan loan aggreement details and its showing on their site when i log in so for the time being until April pro-rata plan accepted and standing order setup all via email. Once again thanks for your help with original advice and letter template
  3. As your bank to check it out but I understand that loan companies are supposed to accept any form of legal payment and they cannot inist on one particualr type and if they do then they would not look good in a court of law as they are preventing you from trying to reduce your debt ASk your bank to check it out for you to make sure it relates to them if in doubt. My first payments been made and it hasnt been rejected and they seem to ahve rece3ived it ok
  4. Well rudely awakened this Sunday morning by two texts from Lending Stream saying the have been unable to collect the two defaulted loans in full from my bank account. They obviously couldn't careless about any financial hardship that would have been caused if they were able to take the money. This is despite the fact hat they have reluctantly agreed prorate payments and received first ones. They are also aware of my income expenditure from form supplied so why after agreeing do they try. They have tried 4 times since they sent me the email agreeing to prorate which was half he amount the
  5. I have now received two formal default notices from LS by email and in the post for the 2 loans. Im also getting text messages saying they have tried to obtain the full amount from my bank account but it has failed and they have charged for the failure. This is despite them having reluctantly agreed to accept the pro-rata payments and confirmed reciept of the first one on each account. I have sent them the letter regarding not freezing interest and charges to which they haven't responded. However int eh default notices it does say they may pass to debt collection agency if not paid in full a
  6. Repeat letters etc, and random amounts I agree and so to the regulation. However it was me that approached the PDL companies over a period of time taking out loans paying back or carrying over etc so they are not entirely to blame. However when things got to much and I releasised the mess I had got myself into it but it was these forums that highlighted the bad practice and trying to make people pay higher amounts, Continious payment deducted (i narrowly missed that with my card being lost !!!!) and made me see a way to break the spiral and last month for the first time in over a year I f
  7. Your probably right and that unsuspecting debtor could have been me before I stumbled across these forums. Both you and others have been a big help and actually put my mind at ease in sorting things out. Otherwise would have been juggling forever and a day. Dave
  8. Thats what I thought, just was amazed LS responded at all. Although depiste me writing telling them not to phone they did but I ignored then I got teh email a few mins alter sayg they ahd tried to call to let me know they had accepted plan It was your words though I think that speeded things up and jsut happen to co-incide with my payment arriving for both the accounts despite them trying to block by not providing details. Im feeling more contented now Ive stopped the roundabout of PDLs and got off and sorted things out for now and all Standing orders setup. Phone has gone quiet from
  9. RESULT - Thanks very much for your help, e lending stream. After sending a modified version of what you posted, I have today received an acceptance saying that they accept the pro-rata amount for 4 months but want me to better my offer then. # I think it helped me telling them they ahd failed on numerous occassions to provide banking details but i had obtained from elsewhere and made payments. Of course they can review in 4 months but if circumstances havent improved well they will still get same amount of me. All other PDL people have now accepted pro-rata and been paid.
  10. I havent heard anything either apart from the default notice but as someone else has provided me with LS details which match I have managed to obtain elsewhere I have setup a standing order as per the pro-rata payment on my income/expenditure sheet.
  11. The details I posted did yes in an email. I have checked them out with the bank and it is all correct but do your own due diligence for your own peace of mind
  12. Thank you I will check out those details with my bank and then setup the pro rata payments into their account quoting my reference number so I can show willing to the court (if it goes there) that I have attempted to make arrangements but they have failed to give me the details so had to find them another way.
  13. I dont know as Lending Stream have not despite repeated requests provided me with their banking details. I thought QQ and Lending Stream are totally different companies and have not seen something indicating otherwise but as I mentioned Lending Stream on here when asked maybe I ahve confused the issue and if I have many apologies it wasnt intentional
  14. Thanks for the advise on Lending Stream. As Ive only sent them the responses this morning via email including a variation on what you suggested I will wait a day or two for their response and then make official complaints
  15. 18th September but they are not following OT guidelines it seems and have received a formal default notice this morning but as you can see from the thread I have replied. Every other one of my creditors have accepted and agreed standing order and pro-rata subject to a review in 6 months apart from LS
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