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  1. Hi, I'm 3 months into a 6 month minimum term AST. Quite out of the blue, my live in landlord told me he didn't think i was 'fitting in' with the house. Although not sure why! I can only guess its because I do a lot of my own things and have my own friends etc. Anyway, he told me he doesn't want to just hit me with a months notice or anything, but thinks long term it would be better if I look for somewhere else - that was last week. I got a text message from him today asking if I'd started looking as he ideally wants the room reoccupied by the end of Nov (so in a month).
  2. not sure.. thank for the link, I'll look into it. just checked the car on http://www.mycarcheck.com. There isnt any finance recorded against it, although have just found out its a cat D! recorded the month I bought it.
  3. Yes I'm aware of the fact I shouldn't sell it while I still have the loan - I should have made that clear in the initial post. But I'm in a position where I need to sell it, I may even pay off the rest of the loan as soon as it's sold (£1,200). My main question is, do the LBL company do regular checks on the car/logbook to check it hasn't been sold? Or do they just assume as they have a key and the logbook it cant be? Also at the point of me applying for a new V5, will they be made aware in any way? - I cant see how, as they are only holding it. The V5 hasn't been signed over to the
  4. Hi, I took out a LBL a 6 months back and it will finish in a further 6. I'm now in a position where I'm moving to London due to a new job. Some extra cash will be really handy during my relocation and as I wont need the car anymore I'm considering selling it. Although I will keep up with LBL payments (as I have so far). My questions are.. Will the finance show on a HPI check? When I request a replacement V5 (LBL have original) will the LBL find out? When name change on V5 happens, will LBL find out? thanks!
  5. Just thought I would update this to say you're correct. Its a basic check
  6. I agree with assisted blonde on claiming sick. Although, people are sometimes genuinely sick..
  7. I'm not sure if this helps but; My first job was at McDonalds and I used to count and deposit tills when I was on shift. If it was anything like the deposit safe we had it cant be opened by anyone apart form the security company (Securitas in out case). Once a week Securitas turned up, opened the safe. Checked deposit bags. If a deposit bag was missing it is impossible that it had been stolen after it went into the safe. The person that was supposed to deposit it would always be held accountable.
  8. Thanks again, well as far as I know I don't need to be registered with the FSA - I'm (hopefully) going to be administering and developing a document management solution. While I may have access to financial information, my job doesnt require me to provide professional services. So I guess this makes me exempt?
  9. Thanks, Although I just found this on the bottom of one of the letters.
  10. I've got a bit further with the application and have been offered a face to face interview and asked to fill in an application form! The form does ask; According to direct.gov (and other sources) Although I understand my reprimand is not a conviction, I guess I will have to declare it. Although technically, the question asks about criminal convictions. Which I have none.
  11. this lists all the positions that legally require a CRB check. www .homeoffice.gov.uk/publications/agencies-public-bodies/CRB/about-the-crb/eligible-positions-guide?view=Binary (remove the space after www - I'm not allowed to post links!)
  12. Thanks for the thorough replies! I can answer myself the question about how long it takes for a spent conviction to drop off, unfortunately the answer is never. Since Ian Huntley the law was changed so that CRB's will always show every spent conviction. Some people say this is unfair but its just the way it is. I haven't filled in a formal application for the position, I have only applied through the company website which only requires a CV and Cover letter. I dont really want to bring the issue up with them as it might obviously harm my chances if I start asking about CRB checks
  13. Hey, A number f yours ago - 12 I think. I recieved a reprimand which shows on a CRB check. I know this because I applied for a position that required one and it showed up. It turns out the company wasnt legally allowed to request a CRB check, but I didnt know that at the time (and I had forgotten about the reprimand!). I've just applied for an IT position in the financial sector, and wondered if anyone could advise me if it will require a check? I recently contacted and had this very thorough and informative reply which suggests it will not. As a reprimand is not a con
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