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  1. Hi...first time on the forums. I have an issue which I'd appreciate some help with..... issue occurred in hotel in Berlin. I am UK citizen but Visa Card concerned was my Spanish one.


    Beginning of August we booked a family self-catering apartment (within an actual hotel) for 11 days and left credit card details as requested.


    On arrival we found that the room was dirty and substandard and next-door to a not very salubrious pub/bar with drunks spilling out on to the street at all hours – our room was on the ground floor. As a family with a young daughter we were slightly perturbed by this but worse was to come….we were unable to sleep at all that first night due to the loud music and constant traffic of visitors to the room above us. We later found out on our return home that this room above was in fact a brothel.


    Obviously in the morning we realized that we could not continue in this way for the full 11 days so we paid for that first evening and left.


    The problems arose when the hotel debited our credit card 600 Euros (80% of the 11 days) on the basis that their cancellation policy was 0% within 3 days and 80% thereafter. Visa seem to claim this is within their rights as it is a stated (but extortionate) cancellation rate but my argument is that this was NOT a cancellation – we stayed one night and would have stayed all had it been appropriate. In fact we had to find alternate accommodation for the remaining 10 days and thus effectively paid for our holiday twice…. We would not have cancelled and gone somewhere more expensive had the accommodation been as described and suitable for a family.


    What are our options in this situation?

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