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  1. I have been off sick for the last 6 weeks, my employer called me up today and asked that I attend a 12 week performance review next week. Do I have to attend? The review is not related to my sickness it is for assess the 1st 12 weeks that I have worked for them. Surely if I am signed off sick, then I do not need to attend? Any advice would be great, cheers.
  2. 2 weeks for notice period. And had nothing in writing about pay rise. But we had a verbal agreement over it. Which I'm sure us legally binding.
  3. Hi, I am currently having a problem with my former employer and was hoping someone could give me some advice. I was working as a chef in a pub up until the 31st of July. I left because I am supposed to be moving to London to return to college. 2 months before I left my boss and I sat down and he offered me a promotion to being second in charge of the kitchen, under the kitchen manager. He knew then that I was leaving and was asking me to do the job up until I left. We agreed that my wages would go up from that point onwards from £7ph to £8ph. I handed my notice in to him with plenty of notice over 4 weeks, 2 weeks before I left however I changed my notice period to leave 4 days earlier than I originally had. The 1st month I did not receive my pay rise because as my boss put it, he had not had time to put it on the system yet. I was assured in my final wages that my hourly rate would have gone up. Payday came and went and my hourly rate had not increased. So I did 2 months of work with extra duties whilst being paid the basic rate of pay. I got my final wage slip on august 10th, and was surprised to see that my wages had again not gone up and also I had not been paid any of my holiday pay. So I phoned up the boss to ask him why, and he told me that he was annoyed with the fact I left 4 days earlier than originally planned and simply couldn't be bothered to increase my pay. He said why should he do it, but surely because we had an agreement to do so and because I did the job he has no choice but to pay me what was agreed? He also told me that he did not take me off the system so that I would not get my holiday pay until next month on purpose. Simply because he was annoyed with me. thanks, Pete.
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