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  1. I have been off sick for the last 6 weeks, my employer called me up today and asked that I attend a 12 week performance review next week. Do I have to attend? The review is not related to my sickness it is for assess the 1st 12 weeks that I have worked for them. Surely if I am signed off sick, then I do not need to attend? Any advice would be great, cheers.
  2. 2 weeks for notice period. And had nothing in writing about pay rise. But we had a verbal agreement over it. Which I'm sure us legally binding.
  3. Hi, I am currently having a problem with my former employer and was hoping someone could give me some advice. I was working as a chef in a pub up until the 31st of July. I left because I am supposed to be moving to London to return to college. 2 months before I left my boss and I sat down and he offered me a promotion to being second in charge of the kitchen, under the kitchen manager. He knew then that I was leaving and was asking me to do the job up until I left. We agreed that my wages would go up from that point onwards from £7ph to £8ph. I handed my notice in to him with plenty
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