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  1. No direct impact no. If it had been bad it would have helped but not a problem. Could someone flag this for Andy to come and have a look at. As for the solicitors make sure it is one that specializes in consumer credit law. You may well be able to win without but i wouldn't want you to come a cropper
  2. Just checked. It was 2006 that it changed from 7 to 14 days. So it looks like a good one. That's a shame
  3. The title says it all. This is meant to be a community but i am being stopped from participating and no one will tell me why
  4. As it's over 5000 you might want to seek legal advice. Some solicitors do this on a no win no fee basis.
  5. Have a check of the default notice as well. If you can post it on here ( minus personal details) and someone will be able to help.
  6. Sorry Lisa when i was talking about originals i meant the original of the credit agreement. You always cca request the person dealing with the debt so in this case RW. I can not help on cpr but i am sure stella or Andy are the men to help. There is a similar thread somewhere about a defence when no cca was produced.
  7. I think there may be some confusion about original. My understanding it can be a genuine copy of the original. Correct me if i am wrong. However non compliance of a cca request is an absolute defence. They can not enforce but what is classed as enforcement is defined as up to and including the serving of papers. Not sure which judgement it is. But you must defend.
  8. It may sound silly but have a read of all the small print about cancellation.Unless it says you have to cancel in writing giving 7days notice you should be able to tell them to go to hell
  9. I would pm you worried but the powers that be have removed that privilege. Not sure what i have done to offend.
  10. I wasn't suggesting you were a nut case One on this forum is enough thank you were,i don't need the competition. Now how are we going to deal with this ?
  11. Totally. So does anyone know of a campaign to try and stop this at the 11th hour
  12. To be honest i didn't know about the Mayan thing until i saw something on T.V. It may not be the actual end of the world but could be a rebirth and a new way of thinking and living. I mean we do not know why the Mayan civilization fell in the same way we know about the other great civilizations the world has known. The world can not carry on the way it is forever.
  13. I was actually talking about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world/ shift in behaviour that some people are waiting for. As for Bilderberg not sure what you refer to,the group or is there a theory about that as well.
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