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  1. Hi Bankruptchy 20 August 2010 IVA entered 20 Ocotber 2010 IVA Failed 7 November 2011 OR Discharge 20 August 2011 No Annulment
  2. I had a Limited Company that provided cleaning to the contruction industry. I factored through Lloyds TSB My Invoices said the name of my company on the top of the invoices. On the invoice it said that the payments were to be made to Lloyds TSB Harlow. They then paid the money into my business account. I was declared Bankrupt in August 2010 I went to a Insolvency Practioner They got me to sign a lot of papers and register them with Croydon Court. They them agreed with the companies I owed money that I would pay their outstanding amounts in full over 60 m
  3. Thank you. Is it too late to resolve the matters I listed above. Time does not seem to be on my side.
  4. I have been mis sold PPI on many occassions, I have contacted NICHE to help me claim these charges back in order to give to the "Trustees". The "Trustees", have to give written permission as I am a discharged bankrupt. They have been asked numerous time by NICHE over many months and have agreed in principle by phone calls but the written permission has not been forthcoming. I feel as if the "Trustees" are just all out to take my property and not do anything helpful in any way to enable me to help myself.
  5. I am new to CAGS and am unsure of how to post in the correct Thread. I had a Limited Company that was suffering cash flow problems. My Business Bank Manager at Lloyds TSB suggested that I used their factoring service Alex Laurie. A representative of this company came to my house and said that they could only take me on a s a "Sole Trader". The service was expalined to me that I would pay a certain amount per month plus a % on any monies factored. It was also explained to me that Alec Laurie delt with outstanding invoinces to me through their legal department. That was
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