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  1. Does anyone here agree? I wanted to make sure it wasn't just me they are being biased torwards so I put a facebook status asking people and I had quite a few responses agreeing. Please i'm not the only one who thinks it. From my experience (i'm not an ebay store or anything. I've just been selling some old clothes that don't fit me anymore having gone up a few dress sizes and no money after finishing university (even though it's been a year since) and i've noticed that literally EVERY TIME a buyer opens a case against me 100% of the time they win! Ebay.co.uk close it in their favour and it's like ebay haven't even read my original listing nor the conversation! and they have created a 'negative balance' on my Paypal before even making the "final decision" so it's like they they already pre-decided. They have only done this twice to me. Still 100% of the time the buyer wins anyway! To add to this..you know when you list an item we can click the 'drop down' in regards to whether we accept returns or not? what's the point if they are going to demand a return anyway when a case is opened? then threten us to reimburse ebay for the refund they give the buyer - AGAINST OUR WILL because if we say no and that our listing was accurate (and if ebay had actually read our listing!) isn't that theft from ebay's part? They are literally making my blood boil and not many people can do that to me because i'm normally very happy and bubbily but ebay.co.uk have really done it and I won't just let them get away with it without a "fight" If anyone here agrees with me that ebay are disgusting and biased please sign my petition against them! - I can't promise it'll help but hopefully it'll put our point across. I am aiming at 1000 signatures then I will post it to my local financial ombudsman along with my take on the matter and will shove it in ebay’s face too. Probably the press somehow too...Ebay shouldn’t get away with this anymore!! Thank you to those who actually read this post.
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