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  1. I have not made any payment to the DC or to the mobile service provider - as my argument was the bill is incorrect. This is an only thing I am basing the whole set aside dream. I received the default judgement from Court last year in August even though the dispute started with mobile service provider in 2004. The amount is relatively small but still in principle I believe the amount charged is incorrect hence I should request for it to put aside. What do you guys think? Cheers
  2. Hello, Back in 2004, my mobile service provider were charging me in correctly for pay monthly account. They were charging me for 500 free minutes but I remember my contract was for 600 free min. I spoke to them back in 2004/05 to send me a correct bill which I can pay and I refused to pay the incorrect bill. They never sent me any correct bill but sold my account to debt collector. Recently in 2011, that debt collector has successfully got a CCJ against me which I have recently found out by looking at my credit history. I made a mistake by not replying to the letter which cour
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