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  1. Thank you very much for that. It has certainly given me some avenues to explore & I will get in touch with the patient's association. Funnily enough a letter arrived today for an appointment under the NHS in 6 weeks! After some heated telephone conversations, we are to be seen privately. An audio recording looks like a great idea! Thanks again - I'll post again with an update.
  2. My 6 year old daughter needed surgery to correct a squint late last year. We have been monitoring her eye at our local hospital since she was tiny. For various reasons we decided to pay for the operation ourselves. We did this via the NHS Optician but my husband did speak to the consultant on the telephone and he said that if the op didn't work he would rectify it at no further cost to us. The operation was not a success and they overcorrected the squint. We agreed to monitor her eye via NHS appointments to see if it would relax back out. It hasn't and she now needs further treatme
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