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  1. Yeah she seems to have had a real issue with me since I complained about the way she spoke to me once before after she phoned my mother to ask her to remind me it was my 'best day to pay' lol. I just want to keep them away from my door if I'm honest Thank you for your reply, very much appreciated
  2. Thanks for your reply, The tv I bought was a philips one. No problems with that...yet lol I didn't take any insurances out with them when I signed up, not that they didn't try that one though. Thank you for your well wishes. I have emailed a copy of the letter to their customer relations dept too so we shall see if I get a reply. I only have a few weeks left and I cannot wait to make the last payment early and be rid of them.
  3. Hi all, I'm new here so be gentle lol. I took out a tv with Brighthouse nearly 3 years ago. Our old tv was ancient and when the tubes went we couldn't get it replaced and neither of us had any credit history so went with Brighthouse. At this time we were both working so could afford the repayments. I lost my job just before Christmas but we were still able to make payments. a month ago I had a miscarriage, was very very unwell due to blood loss and my husband had to take some unpaid time off work to me me with our sons, round the house duties etc. Brighthouse Kn
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