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  1. My tumble dryer was delivered by Knowhow on 8/12/14. It worked was. When I tried to use it on 14/12 it would not work, the flashing lights indicating a problem with the thermostat. Currys are now refusing to do anything about it as the dryer was placed in my garage & blame me for misuse. There is no mention in their online specifications that the appliance should not be used in an outside building. The appliance is obviously not fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality as it broke down within 6 days. I'm now left with a useless dryer & Currys refusing to do anything about it. Surely, they are breaking the SOGA? Any advice would be appreciated. Janine
  2. Hi, this is my first query . I bought a refurbished laptop from my local company a month ago. However, the laptop is not performing as it should: 5 minutes or more to access emails/internet, messages that the programme is not responding, etc.I had explained very clearly what I wanted from my "new" laptop. I have a 1 year warranty. I have now lost confidence in this new machine & its seller. A friend of mine who knows something about IT tells me that I have been sold a faulty machine. Am I entitled to a full refund? Thanks. Janine:mad2:
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