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  1. Sept was interview. I commenced in November, yes it was my first role with this organisation
  2. Re-titling job role and reducing pay Back in September 2011, I applied and attended an interview for the role of a manager with 3 direct reports. I was successful and commenced employment in November 2011. I was however disillusioned from day one and was informed I have no direct reports and that there would be 2 others equivalent to my manager’s role to achieve the business objectives. My manager asked whether that would be ok, to which of course I’d said yes. (as I’d left my last job and very little option)! He said the change would not affect the agreed salary and no further amendments were made to my original JD to reflect their sudden changes. The business as a whole has been going through re-structure after re-structure for the last few years, with some teams being changed several times over a very short period. Four months in to the role and my manager left. So me and my 2 colleagues were left AWOL for several weeks. Their after my mangers manager who was a executive director also left his role with a golden handshake. We were then aligned into a different team and left to continue what we were doing. Within weeks we were again realigned into another Directorate. Back in May 2012 we went through another re-structure and once again allocated a new manager to report into. This individual is a Director for the department concerned. He wanted to make a minor change and across a team meeting said he’d like a manager to support 2 managers. He said the new role would allow him to communicate with one person as oppose to three managers. He said our existing T&C and role would not change irrespective of whether we applied for the new role or not. I decided against applying for the new role on the basis that I was happy with my current role and the fact that we had been told nothing would change to our existing T&C’s. However my other colleague went for the role and was successful (being the only one to apply). He commenced his new role with an increased salary on 1st August. Last week I was called into a meeting with my new manager, a representative from HR and a staff rep. I was advised that the team would further be restructured which would mean a change in my job role from manager to “business partner”. It would also mean a salary reduction of up to £10,000. It all came to me as a surprise, more so because i’d been advised our T&C’s would not change. I have been pushed pillar to post through changes and ambiguity since commencing my role. The new role has much of the same responsibilities. The argument is that I don’t line manage which was in effect part and parcel of my original role. However my argument is that the line management work was absolved by the 3 managers when they decided to change the structure back in Nov 2011. An more importantly that I’d been promised by both my first and most manager that T&C’s will not change. Could someone advise me where I stand and what I can do? Thanks, Abs
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